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Tesla hits a new high on higher-than-expected deliveries. McDonald’s hits the pause button on reopening dine-in service. Major League Baseball teams come up with a creative way to get fans at the games (sort of). Dan Kline analyzes those stores, and we dip into the Fool Mailbag and try to make sense of the new marketing campaign from Haagen-Dazs.

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FedEx shares pop on surprisingly good 4th-quarter results. United Airlines plans to add 25,000 flights in August. Constellation Brands serves up strong 1st-quarter profits and adds Empathy Wines to its portfolio. Abi Malin analyzes those stories, plus we talk about the connection between Bernie Madoff and the greatest contract in the history of professional baseball.

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Motley Fool Funds analysts Bill Barker and Bryan Hinmon discuss the price of oil and the opportunities for investors. JC Penney rises on stronger-than-expected holiday sales. And we examine the last, desperate days of teen apparel retailer Wet Seal.

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Verizon considers a joint venture with AOL.  El Pollo Loco rises on an upgrade, and Coach buys luxury shoe company Stuart Weitzman.  We discuss these stories and more as we celebrate our 4th anniversary.

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Who needs a big 2015?  Twitter, ExxonMobil and other big energy companies, say our analysts.  Plus we make reckless predictions and share why BlackBerry and Zillow are the top stocks on our watchlists.

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Dell’s earnings disappoint while home-builder Toll Brothers doubles its quarterly profit.  Plus, a new partnership with Discover will put PayPal in millions of U.S. locations.

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Best Buy, Barnes & Noble and Urban Outfitters all reported earnings and we dig through all three.

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