Dollar General and Dollar Tree post stronger-than-expected 1st-quarter reports. Boeing announces layoffs and a restarting of 737 Max production. Amazon commits to long-term hiring. Regal Cinemas expects to reopen movie theaters in July. Motley Fool contributor Dan Kline analyzes those stories and shares the summer blockbuster film he’s most looking forward to.

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Tractor Supply updates guidance, much to the delight of Wall Street. Domino’s latest same-store sales numbers are good, but Papa John’s posts an even bigger number. The Wall Street Journal believes the RV industry is having a moment. Bill Barker analyzes those stories and critiques a scene in the most recent episode of Showtime’s series Billions.

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Hertz Global files for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, sending shares of Avis Budget Group up 15%. Jason Moser analyzes the increasingly changing automotive landscape, including AutoZone’s strong 3rd-quarter report. Crocs rises 10% on the news it’s the only top-30 footwear brand to see an increase in monthly sales.

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Boeing shares rise on an upgrade. Mastercard becomes the latest big company to let employees work from home indefinitely. Keurig Dr. Pepper and Ruth’s Hospitality Group announce secondary offerings, sending shares down. Jim Gillies analyzes those stories and the potential for Chinese stocks being delisted in the U.S.

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Target, Lowe’s, and Urban Outfitters all deliver 1st-quarter reports. Ron Gross analyzes the latest results from the retail universe.

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1st-quarter reports from Walmart and Home Depot have a lot in common: higher sales, higher salaries, and higher spending on keeping stores clean. Jason Moser analyzes the retail landscape and what it means for investors. Plus, TikTok higher Disney executive Kevin Mayer as its new CEO. Does this mean an IPO is definitely in the startup’s future?

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Moderna shares pop 20% on encouraging test results. JC Penney’s plan to survive involves splitting into two separate public companies: one for retail, one as a REIT. Bill Barker analyzes those stories as we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss retail and diversification.

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Cisco Systems rises on strong 3rd-quarter profits. SmileDirectClub sinks after posting a bigger-than-expected 1st-quarter loss. DraftKings gets some attention from Wall Street, sending the stock to an all-time high. Bill Barker analyzes those stories and shares why he believes the NFL season will start on time.

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Uber is interesting in buying GrubHub, but how much are they willing to pay?  Jason Moser analyzes the pros and cons of Uber cornering the food delivery market. Plus, we discuss the latest woes from The Container Store and dip into the Fool Mailbag.


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Honda and Toyota shares fall as car rental numbers in the latest Consumer Price Index head lower. Eventbrite shares fall after its latest quarterly report. Jason Moser analyzes those stories and Pepsi’s entry into the e-commerce industry with the launch of


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Shares of Marriott International and Under Armour fall on disappointing (and unsurprising) 1st-quarter reports. Ron Gross analyzes both companies and shares why checking a company’s balance sheet is more important than usual. Plus, we dip into the Fool Mailbag and discuss Quidel’s 25% rise on emergency approval from the FDA on the company’s Covid-19 antigen test.


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Shares of PayPal and Square both rise more than 10% after their respective 1st-quarter reports. The delivery economy gets mixed results as Lyft rises while GrubHub stumbles. Bill Barker analyzes those stories, as well as Peloton’s new high on very strong sales in the latest quarter.


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Disney shares rise despite 1st-quarter revenue falling 91%. Mercadolibre hits a new all-time high, while Shopify continues to create distance between itself and its competitors. Bill Mann analyzes those stories and shares his new favorite baseball team.

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Wayfair rises thanks to big earnings and brisk sales of office furniture and cookware. Chegg surges on strong growth of its educational technology solutions. And Shake Shack reports a sharp decline in same-Shack sales. Motley Fool analyst Jason Moser weighs in on those stories and offers some advice for building a home office.

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Berkshire-Hathaway’s annual meeting was a subdued affair. Andy Cross analyzes Warren Buffett’s demeanor, his complete sale of airline stocks, and why this loss may sting more than any other. Plus, we discuss the future of apparel retail as J. Crew files for bankruptcy.

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