Warren Buffett celebrating his 90th birthday by buying shares of the five largest trading companies in Japan. Bill Mann analyzes the latest move by Berkshire-Hathaway, the economic legacy of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and the misplaced excitement over Apple and Tesla splitting their stocks.

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Abbott Labs hits a new all-time high after the FDA approves the company’s rapid Covid-19 test. Tiffany and Dollar General issue 2nd-quarter reports, offering an interesting look at both ends of the retail spectrum. Jim Gillies analyzes those stories, and shares some compelling reasons why investors looking for steady yield should take a closer look at the “Big Five” banks in Canada.

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Shares of rise 26% after 2nd-quarter profits double Wall Street’s expectations. Digital sales in Dick’s Sporting Goods’ 2nd quarter rise 194%. Urban Outfitters reports a profit in the 2nd quarter sending the stock up more than 20%. Emily Flippen analyzes those stories and shares which one is the most surprising.

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average has it’s biggest shake-up in years. Amgen, Honeywell, and will replace Pfizer, Raytheon Technologies, and ExxonMobil. Jason Moser analyzes the moves, as well as some eye-popping numbers in Best Buy’s 2nd-quarter report. We also dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss the basket approach to investing.

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Airline stocks rise on encouraging numbers from TSA and a green light from the EPA. The largest movie theater chains in America team up to create “CinemaSafe” protocols, but will audiences return? Bill Barker analyzes those stories, plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss what to do when one stock becomes 40% of your portfolio.

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InterContinental Hotels Group and Accor are reportedly talking about a merger that would result in the largest hotel operator in the world. Airbnb takes a big step towards going public. Intel announces a $10 billion stock buyback plan. Bill Barker analyzes those stories as well as the latest earnings from L Brands. (Tangents include autumnal candle scents and the potential for moving Halloween to another part of the year.)

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Target and Lowe’s both hit new all-time highs after their 2nd-quarter reports, but it’s Target that’s breaking more than one record. Emily Flippin analyzes those stories, as well as the latest results from TJX Companies and Apple hitting a market cap of $2,000,000,000,000.

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Walmart’s 2nd-quarter e-commerce sales nearly doubled. Home Depot’s 2nd-quarter profits rise 25%. Jason Moser analyzes those stories, as well as the latest results from Advance Auto Parts.

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That’s how Bill Mann describes Berkshire-Hathaway’s surprising investment in Barrick Gold. Bill also analyzes’s strong 2nd-quarter report and Citigroup’s “clerical error” for the ages.

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Lyft’s 2nd-quarter revenue fell more than 60%. Tapestry’s online sales in the 4th quarter were strong, but not enough to make up for the numerous questions facing the company. Jim Gillies analyzes those stories, along with AMC Entertainment’s promotion to re-open movie theaters in the U.S.

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Tencent’s gaming division boosts 2nd-quarter results. Same-store sales at Chili’s help Brinker International’s 4th quarter come in better than expected. Microsoft announces a launch date (Sept. 10th) and a price ($1400!) for its new Surface Duo phone. Dan Kline analyzes those stories, and we share a few thoughts on the incredible life of Sumner Redstone.

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Lumentum Holdings rises on a strong 4th-quarter report and guidance for the new fiscal year. ESG funds now have more than $1 trillion under management. Jason Moser analyzes those stories, plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss the wedding industry and its potential for a rebound.

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Marriott posts its first quarterly loss in nearly nine years. Simon Property Group is talking with Amazon about taking over vacant mall space. Bill Barker analyzes those stories and explains how the scramble to fill empty space is forcing companies to get creative. Plus we discuss the recent rise and fall of Eastman Kodak’s stock and the latest quarterly results from Berkshire-Hathaway.

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You’ve heard of Jack Daniel’s, but have you heard of his mentor Uncle Nearest? CEO Fawn Weaver shares the true-life story behind an iconic American brand, and how she and her team are making history with the fastest-growing whiskey in the U.S.


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Soap company launches hand sanitizer line during pandemic and sales skyrocket! But don’t call Soapbox Soaps an overnight success. David Simnick started Soapbox Soaps with a mission in mind, one that he and his team have never wavered from. In this episode David discusses how Soapbox Soaps started, the consumer goods landscape, and more.


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No one studies the video gaming industry like Aaron Bush.  We discuss gaming’s rise during the pandemic, the ripple effect of major league sports being delayed, and the relative valuations of Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, and Take-Two Interactive. Plus Aaron shares the game release he’s looking forward to and the trend investors should be watching.

To learn more about this growing industry, check out more from Aaron at

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