Zoom Video’s 2nd-quarter revenue topped $1 billion for the first time, but shares fell more than 15% as growth slows. Shares of Yandex rise as the Russian tech company buys out Uber’s interest in several joint ventures. Maria Gallagher analyzes those stories and shares why Designer Brands’ amazing 2nd-quarter report glosses over genuine challenges for the business.

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Shares of Affirm pop 44% as the buy now, pay later business teams up with Amazon. Disney looks to license the ESPN brand to sports-betting companies for a reported $3 billion. Jason Moser analyzes those stories and shares five great quotes from Warren Buffett on his 91st birthday.

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Dick’s Sporting Goods soars to a new all-time high while Nordstrom plummets on sales that are lower than pre-pandemic levels. Bill Mann analyzes the retail landscape and weighs in on SEC Chairman Gary Gensler’s declaration that the SEC is going to demand more transparency from Chinese companies.

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Best Buy’s 2nd-quarter comps were three times higher than Wall Street was expecting. Medtronic shares hit a new high after strong 1st-quarter profits and revenue came with raised full-year guidance. Asit Sharma analyzes those stories and Camping World’s curious decision to double their quarterly dividend.

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Target preps for the holidays by tripling the number of Disney shops inside its stores. The activist investor battle between Starboard Value and Box escalates. Jason Moser analyzes those stories, as well as the “War On Cash” drama that broke out at WWE’s SummerSlam event in Las Vegas.

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Nvidia shares pop on a stellar 3rd-quarter report. Robinhood’s stock falls after its first report as a public company and warnings from management that trading activity is slowing down. Tim Beyers analyzes those stories, as well as how Cisco Systems’ recent acquisitions are fueling the company’s revenue growth.

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Despite a great 2nd-quarter report (and a $15 million stock buyback plan), Target failed to impress Wall Street. Lowe’s pops 10% after strong 2nd-quarter profits and raising full-year guidance. Alicia Alfiere analyzes those stories and Krispy Kreme’s first report as a public company.

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Walmart sold $141 billion worth of stuff in the 2nd quarter. Home Depot’s 2nd-quarter profits were higher than expected, but shares fell despite that. Asit Sharma analyzes those stories as well the latest quarterly report from Roblox and why he’s keeping an eye on their cash flow.

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Sonos shares pop 10% after an International Trade Commission judge rules Google infringed on some of the company’s audio technology patents. SoFi falls 15% after its 2nd-quarter report, but is it a buying opportunity? Jason Moser analyzes those stories and offers a preview of Tuesday mornings earnings report from Home Depot.

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Chegg, Planet Fitness, and TheRealReal all issue 2nd-quarter reports. Maria Gallagher analyzes the results and shares why she likes the long-term trends working in TheRealReal’s favor.


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The Trade Desk’s 2nd-quarter revenue doubled, but shares fall. Berkshire-Hathaway’s 2nd quarter is highlighted by share buybacks (again). Jason Moser analyzes those stories and ponders the likelihood of CEVA still being a stand-alone company in 10 years.

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Etsy falls despite strong 2nd-quarter results. Booking Holdings posts a wider loss in the 2nd quarter but shares rise on higher travel demand. Wayfair’s 2nd-quarter profits surprise Wall Street (in a good way). Ron Gross analyzes those stories and discusses online shopping habits.

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Shares of CVS Health fall despite strong 2nd-quarter profits and raising guidance. Live Nation Entertainment’s 2nd-quarter results has their CEO excited for 2022 and 2023. Jason Moser analyzes those stories and discusses whether Apple’s new partnership with Affirm Holdings indicates more than just the partnership.

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Clorox ends its fiscal year with a whimper, not a bang. Under Armour shares rise on a strong 2nd-quarter and reasons for optimism. Gartner pops more than 10% on its own strong 2nd quarter. Asit Sharma analyzes those stories and shares why having a good brand is helpful, but not always enough.  

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Square buys Afterpay, the Australian payments company, for $29 billion in stock. Foot Locker buys two smaller athletic apparel retailers (WSS and Atmos) for a combined $1.1 billion. Jason Moser analyzes both acquisitions, as well as Square’s 2nd-quarter results.

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