Imagine finding out that for 35 years you’ve owned shares of one of the biggest companies in America.  Chris Hill wraps up 2018 with a story about his late father and a long-lost stock.  Plus, he shares a few thanks, and a few thoughts on how marathon running and investing are even more alike than previously thought.

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We survived Christmas! Jason Moser analyzes two deals from the world of banking and finance.  Ameris Bancorp merges with Fidelity Southern in a move to strengthen its position in the southeastern United States. Shares of British payment company Earthcorp soar 280% after Visa comes knocking with a check for $250 million. Plus, we discuss the recent volatility and share why investors need to be prepared for more of the same.

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Chris Hill shares a few holiday wishes and thoughts on holiday music, before turning the show over to the late, great Louis Armstrong.

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The Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the 4th time this year. Matt Argersinger analyzes the recent (and continuing) volatility and shares five stocks he has bought recently.  Plus, we dip into the Fool Mailbag to take stock of iQiyi (aka, the “Netflix of China) and Matt shares why he believes Berkshire-Hathaway is as close to a “can’t-miss” stock as exists right now.


Holiday Music: “All For Christmas” by Sebastian Forslund

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FedEx has its worst day in 10 years. Bill Mann analyzes why the comments of CEO Fred Smith are worthy of every investor’s attention. The Russell 2000 index officially enters bear market territory.  And start-up fintech company Robinhood gets a call from their friendly neighborhood regulator. Plus, Bill shares a key piece of non-investing advice he received on this day 19 years ago.


Holiday Music: “Aires De Navidad” by n’klabe

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Ok seriously, how SHOULD we be thinking about apparel stocks?  Seth Jayson analyzes the landscape and shares why U.S. investors should be paying more attention to what’s happening in Europe.  Plus, more talk about Uxin and we dip into the Fool Mailbag and ponder if shares of Skechers are cheap for a reason or just cheap.


Holiday Music: “Let It Snow” by Boys II Men

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It's time for another round of Yes, No, or Maybe So. Analysts Emily Flippen and Jason Moser share two stocks they're bullish on, two stocks they're bearish on, and two stocks they're on the fence about. Emily weighs in on Chinese used car dealer Uxin, JCPenney, and Stitch Fix. And Jason talks PayPal, Zillow, and Apple.

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Tailored Brands (parent company of Men’s Wearhouse and Jos. A Bank) falls 30% on rough guidance. Visa moves to help companies eliminate paper checks. Markel falls when regulators come knocking on the front door. Jason Moser analyzes those stories and shares the two stocks he bought shares of last week. Plus, KFC is selling fried chicken-scented logs for your fireplace, and we’ve got a holiday sale at for the investor in your life!


Holiday Music: “O Come, All Ye Faithful“ by Twister Sister


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The market gets a boost from a Wall Street Journal report that China is working to increase access for overseas companies. Tencent Music rises in its Wall Street debut. And Dave & Buster’s declines on earnings. Analysts Andy Cross and Ron Gross discuss these stories and talk about Verizon’s broken Oath.

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Stitch Fix falls 30% on weak 2nd-quarter guidance, while Ascena Retail Group pops 25% on better-than-expected comps. What in the world is going on???  Emily Flippen analyzes the apparel retail landscape and shares why she’s not treating Stitch Fix’s drop as a buying opportunity.  Plus, we dip into the Fool Mailbag to answer two important questions: What’s the rule-of-thumb when your stock gets bought out?  How come ducks don’t get frostbite?


Holiday Music: “Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over” by Jack White


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Merger Monday! Tivity Health buys Nutrisystem in a deal that a lot of investors seem to hate. Taylor Muckerman analyzes the numbers and shares why he understands the skepticism. Uber and Lyft file to go public. Plus, Taylor shares some highlights from his recent meetings with executives from Venmo, WW, and 2U.


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The stock market continues its sell-off. Canada arrests Huawei’s CFO after a request from the U.S. And Netflix pays $100 million for another year of Friends. Motley Fool analysts Bill Mann and Jason Moser discuss those stories and dig into earnings from Kroger.

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How dangerous are index funds becoming? How bad is Anheuser Busch Inbev’s dividend cut? Those are just two of the questions MFAM Funds’ Bill Barker analyzes as we dip into the Fool Mailbag. We also revisit our recent conversation about James Bond, and pay tribute to the late, great Ricky Jay.


Holiday music: “Hanukkah Waltz” by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones


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4th-quarter profits for Toll Brothers soars 62%, but the stock doesn’t respond. Meanwhile RH Holdings (aka, Restoration Hardware) pops on a strong 3rd-quarter report. Emily Flippen analyzes those two companies, and discusses the (potentially) increased likelihood of a recession after the appearance of the inverted yield curve.


Holiday music: “Hanukkah on Japonica” by Panorama Jazz Band


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A truce in the trade war with China sends stocks higher. Jason Moser analyzes the landscape for investors and discusses the ripple effects of Amazon’s new arrangement with Apple Music. Plus, we dip into the Fool Mailbag to answer the question, how much consideration should investors put into a CEO’s pay?

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We’re back with another non-investing episode!  Strap in as MFAM Funds’ Bill Barker and Chris Hill are joined by longtime Fool (and good friend) Bill Mann to talk about James Bond’s early training and the smallest hill we’re willing to die on.  Plus, we also discuss Bill Mann’s comedy influences, Barker’s death threat, Hill’s origin story movie pitches, and who would win a fight between Han Solo and Indiana Jones.  Producer Dan Boyd weighs in on various topics and kicks off our 4th annual drive to share awesome holiday music with some help from Dropkick Murphys.

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