Research in Motion unveils a new Blackberry.  Amazon hits a new high.  And Chesapeake Energy gets an unexpected boost.

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Our analysts discuss the latest earnings from Ford, Yahoo!, and Harley-Davidson.

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Caterpillar makes a bad bet in China.   Barnes & Noble announces more store closings.  And Jos. A. Bank holds a 16% off sale on its stock.

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Netflix soars on better-than-expected earnings.  Apple plunges on disappointing earnings.  And Nokia suspends its dividend.

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Our analysts discuss the latest earnings news from Google, McDonald's, and Coach.

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Our analysts discuss earnings news from Verizon, TD Ameritrade, and Travelers and delve into Warren Buffett's fitness kick.

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Nokia reports surprising results. Ford doubles its dividend.  And Tiffany reports sluggish holiday sales.

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Apple works on a lower-priced iPhone.  Dish tries to trump Sprint. And two hedge fund titans battle it out.

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YUM warns about slumping KFC sales in China. Samsung reports huge smartphone numbers for the quarter. And Target continues its price war with online competitors.

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Bank of America settles. European banks rise. One energy company makes a big deal.  And the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show kicks off.

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