We analyze the stock market at the halfway point of 2014, Facebook’s latest privacy snafu, and why this week is so important to the U.S. beer industry.

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Bed Bath & Beyond hits a new 52-week low after disappointing 1st quarter earnings.  GoPro’s stock soars in its public debut.  Plus we analyze Staples’ latest attempt to lure shoppers.

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Today the guys chat about the future of Vertex Pharmaceuticals, the future of Alibaba in the US, and the future of Detroit.

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Oracle buys Micros Systems for $5.3 billion.  Apple’s iWatch is on the way, but will it sell?  Plus we analyze American Apparel, lulelemon athletica, and the unique challenge of trying to make your company’s founder go away.

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Columnist Morgan Housel analyzes the Fed’s latest move, why wage growth is coming, and why Congress needs to make better sense of the corporate tax structure.

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The Fed calls for another $10 billion taper.  Amazon finally unveils its new $199 smartphone.  FedEx stock hits an all-time after 4th-quarter profits doubled.  Plus we analyze Tesla Motors’ decision to release its patents.

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 50,000 people attended the E3 trade show, and our man Mark Reeth was one of them.  He analyzes the current landscape in the video gaming industry, how Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and others fared at E3, and the $500 million bet one company is about to make.

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US-based Medtronic buys Ireland-based Covidien in a cash-and-stock deal worth $43 billion.  In doing so, the world’s largest medical device maker not only gets bigger, but will be paying lower taxes as it moves its corporate headquarters to Ireland.  Plus, we recommend a few writers to help you build your financial dream team.



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lululemon athletica’s stock sinks to a 3-year low after lowering guidance for the rest of the fiscal year.  Conversely, Restoration Hardware’s stock roars after raising guidance for the rest of the fiscal year.  Plus, we try to make sense of Twitter’s COO abruptly resigning.

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Alibaba unveils a consumer online shop in the US.  How worried should Amazon and eBay be?  Plus we analyze how Twitter and Facebook could benefit from the World Cup and why it’s probably awesome to be a marketing executive at a huge consumer brand company.

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Motley Fool Funds portfolio manager Bill Mann analyzes RadioShack’s latest results, the prospect of an Uber IPO, and how investors should think about spin-offs.

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We analyze why Zillow and Krispy Kreme are overvalued, and why Whole Foods and offshore drillers like Ensco and Noble Corp are undervalued.  Plus, we dip into the Fool Mailbag.

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General Motors CEO Mary Barra fires 15 employees in the wake of the recall investigation results.  Sprint and T-Mobile are looking to hook up, pending Uncle Sam’s approval.  Plus we celebrate National Doughnut Day. 

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Pandora falls as the US Justice Department reviews songwriter rate agreements.  Comedian John Oliver crashes the FCC’s website with his HBO show’s segment on net neutrality

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The guys chat about the highlights from WWDC and what they mean for Apple, then dive into the ramifications of the EPA’s newest rulings. Plus they discuss why Pilgrim’s Pride is so desperate to take over Hillshire Farms.

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