“Misery loves company” turns out to be one of those old sayings that’s true for a reason. Chris Hill wraps up 2019 with a few thoughts on his latest attempt on running a marathon (it didn’t end well), a wedding he attended recently, and why he believes both mindset and the company of investors will be more important than ever in 2020.

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Why was 2019 so rough for the cannabis industry? How can investors make better sense of the FDA approval process for drugmakers? Shannon Jones analyzes two of the most interesting industries for investors and shares what to watch in 2020 and beyond.


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Entrepreneur, Aspen Institute fellow, and innovation evangelist Zia Zaman stopped by Fool HQ last month. Chris Hill talks with Zia about his path from Montreal to MIT to Singapore, as well as what investors can learn from ice hockey.

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Chris Hill shares a few holiday wishes before turning the show over to the late, great Louis Armstrong.

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As we head to the end of 2019, we check in with Jason Moser to see how his “War on Cash” and “Health & Wellness” baskets of stocks performed. Plus, we marvel at Apple’s (and Tim Cook’s) performance in 2019 and wonder about Twitter’s prospects in 2020.


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The bonus episode that almost all of you didn’t ask for is back!  Chris Hill and Bill Barker are joined by their longtime friend and colleague from the Great White North, Jim Gillies!  Topics covered include Jim’s home in Guelph, Canada’s Mount Rushmore of comedy, Rocky Balboa ending the Cold War, a quick Canada-centric round of “Underrated/Overrated”, a not-very-quick conversation about “Star Wars”, and the track record of science fiction films’ predictions about the future.

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Can Peleton and Planet Fitness succeed at the same time? Abi Malin analyzes the industry and shares why she believes Peleton doesn’t live up to the hype. Plus, she shares why investors might be overlooking Tradeweb Markets and why Amazon should be worth watching in 2020.

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FedEx falls 9%, but just how bad was the quarter? The rise of General Mills continues to be fueled by pet food, but just how bright is the future? Bill Barker analyzes those companies and shares his thoughts on the year in investing. (Tangents include breakfast cereals, the importance of action in action movies, and yet another update on our upcoming “Apropos of Nothing” episode.)

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Boeing halts production of the 737 Max indefinitely, but how long will airlines like Southwest wait? Shares of Bed Bath & Beyond rise as Wall Street bets on the retailer’s new CEO. Jason Moser analyzes those stories, plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss how to deal with an overweighted portfolio.


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MJBizCon, the biggest cannabis conference in the world, took place last week in Las Vegas. Emily Flippen returns from the event to share the current state of the business, the most interesting highlights, the strangest thing she saw, and the most memorable meal she had.


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Lululemon reports strong earnings but shares slip on concerns over future growth. And financial software maker makes a successful debut on Wall Street. Motley Fool analyst Ron Gross discusses these stories and weighs in on the broader IPO market.


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Saudi Aramco becomes the biggest public company in the world after its IPO, but what will the next decade bring for the oil and gas industry? Bill Barker analyzes a disastrous day for specialty retail stocks Children’s Place and GameStop. Plus, we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the iconic movie “Wall Street”.  (Tangents include an update on our Hallmark Christmas movie and fun ways to name conference rooms.)


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Stitch Fix’s stock rises 10% after the company broke even in the 1st quarter. Abi Malin analyzes the state of Stitch Fix, the latest results from online pet products retailer Chewy, and Upwork’s new CEO.


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Netflix comes away with the most Golden Globe nominations in both the film and TV categories. Jason Moser analyzes the boost Netflix gets from the exposure, as well as Disney’s march to a record-shattering year at the box office. Plus, we share thoughts on the passing of former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker and dip into the Fool Mailbag to debate large cap stocks vs. index funds.

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United Airlines announces that CEO Oscar Munoz is stepping down in May and will be replaced by United President Scott Kirby. Messaging platform Slack connects on earnings. And discount retailers Five Below and Dollar General report some healthy growth despite concerns over tariffs.


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Alphabet’s co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, take a step back from their duties and hand the reins to Sunder Pichai.  Meanwhile, Expedia’s CEO resigns after clashing with chairman Barry Diller. Bill Barker analyzes those stories, as well as Postmates’ missed opportunity to go public and Constellation Brands’ sale of Ballast Point Brewing. (Tangents include the awesomely-named “Kings & Convicts Brewing Company”, casting a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie, and podcasts about candle scents.)


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Lands’ End pops 17% on surprising same-store sales growth. Bill Mann analyzes the apparel retailer’s brand strength and makes the case for it being acquired. We reflect on the passing of Mark Butler, CEO of Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. Plus, we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss what to do with cash in your portfolio, whether Chesapeake Energy is a value play or value trap, and Giving Tuesday.


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Black Friday’s online sales set a new record, but Cyber Monday could be even higher. Gambling revenue in Macau fell in November, so why aren’t casino stocks falling as well? McDonald’s is testing out a new crispy chicken sandwich in two markets. How good does it need to be to get a national rollout? Dan Kline analyzes those stories and helps kick off our annual drive to expand the universe of holiday music.


Holiday Music: “If I Get Home on Christmas Day” by Letters to Cleo


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