Hidden Gems advisor Seth Jayson discusses his approach to small-cap investing, why he keeps some stocks on a tight leash while letting others grow to become large caps, and why “brand” can be a powerful asset for some companies.

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Million Dollar Portfolio advisor Ron Gross shares his expertise on building a diversified portfolio, how to manage reallocation, and which industries he considers a “must” for every investor.

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Tim Hanson discusses his approach to investing outside the US, why international exposure is important for investors, and which countries and industries he’s watching right now

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Value investor Ron Gross kicks off “Strategy Week” by sharing advice for how to find value stocks and where he’s looking right now.

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Walmart and Cisco Systems fall on their latest earnings results. Plus we analyze Berkshire Hathaway's latest buys over a delivery of See's Candies. 

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Apple has a new investor in Carl Icahn.  Plus we analyze earnings from Macy’s and Deere, and debate the pros and cons of traveling via hyperloop.

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Bill Ackman quits JC Penney’s board of directors.  Europe’s economy shows signs of life, and Yum Brands’ problems in China continue.

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BlackBerry evaluates “strategic options”, including the sale of the company.  Apple sets a date for its new iPhone.  Plus we dig into the Fool mailbag and revisit the soap opera “As JC Penney Turns”.

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Tesla Motors’ share rise on 2nd-quarter results.  We analyze the latest earnings from Groupon and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and the latest offering from Taco Bell.

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“The Lone Ranger” is going to lose at least $150 million for Disney, but shareholders shouldn’t worry too much. Plus we analyze the latest earnings from Zillow and Freddie Mac, and discuss why it must be awesome to be a Bank of America lawyer.

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Amazon founder & CEO Jeff Bezos buys The Washington Post for $250 million.  Plus we analyze the latest from American Eagle, Fossil and Michael Kors.

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Berkshire-Hathaway’s 2nd-quarter profits rose 46%, but it’s the next target for his famed “elephant gun” that interests us. Plus we analyze the smackdown between CBS and Time Warner Cable, the latest newspaper fire sale, and The Motley Fool’s shout-out from The Wall Street Journal.

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Whole Foods battles great expectations, while the world’s biggest gold miner reports an epic quarterly loss.  Plus the guys analyze the latest results from Trulia and Yelp, and gear up for CNBC’s new primetime original “Twitter Revolution”. 

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