Apple shares rise after 3rd-quarter profits come in higher than expected, despite iPhone revenue falling. Spotify continues to add paid subscribers, but shares are basically flat since going public. And online education company 2U has a disastrous 2nd-quarter report, leading shares to fall 60%. Alise Montgomery and Greg Bechtel analyze those stories and share why they’re keeping a close eye on Smartsheet and Revolve Group.


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Under Armour sinks as North American sales head south. MFAM Funds Chief Investment Officer Bryan Hinmon shares a couple of silver linings in Under Armour’s cloudy report. Meanwhile, shares of Procter & Gamble hit a new high as the consumer products giant continues to do more with less. Trex Company may not be a household name, but a short squeeze is sending shares of the outdoor deck company up 16%. Plus, we share tips and recommendations for visiting Colorado and Asheville, NC.

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Rewards programs can benefit consumers, but how they are managed can determine how much they benefit retailers. Emily Flippen analyzes the way not all loyalty programs are the same as we dip into the Fool Mailbag. Plus, we discuss how investors can research and evaluate company management and give a preview of Beyond Meat’s earnings after the closing bell today.


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Facebook’s 2nd-quarter profits come in higher than expected. Tesla shares fall 13% on a disappointing 2nd-quarter report. And American Airlines and Southwest Airlines continue to feel the impact of grounding the Boeing 737 Max planes in their respective fleets. Jim Mueller analyzes those stories and shares his thoughts on the current state of the video streaming wars.


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Snap loses money in the 2nd quarter, but not as much as expected so shares rise 16%. With a stock that has basically tripled in 2019, has Snap turned a corner? Abi Malin analyzes the digital space and shares why she thinks Snap’s rise is due to the company being oversold last year. Plus, we discuss Chipotle’s latest stellar quarter and Visa’s steady march to being a $400 billion dollar company. 


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Coca-Cola’s 2nd-quarter profits (and raised guidance) push the stock to a new all-time high. MFAM Funds portfolio manager Bill Barker analyzes how coffee is behind Coke’s strong results. Hasbro hits a new high after another Marvel-infused quarter, while Harley-Davidson’s 2nd-quarter profits fall nearly 20%. Plus, we discuss board games (sort of) and producer Dan Boyd shares his recent experience buying a motorcycle.

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Etsy buys Reverb, a marketplace for music gear, for $275 million.  Jason Moser analyzes why Etsy paid a good price and how investors should evaluate the success of the deal.  Plus, we discuss Equifax’s fine, Microsoft’s stellar 4th-quarter report, and why Aaron Bush is a good follow on Twitter.


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Over the next two weeks more than 1,600 companies will report earnings. Jason Moser analyzes what investors should be watching and listening for when Chipotle, PayPal, Facebook, Under Armour, and Boston Beer share their latest results.

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2nd-quarter profits for United Airlines soar 50% higher than a year ago. Neuralinke, Elon Musk’s neurotechnology start-up, moves a step closer to chip implants in human brains. The Emmy Award nominations paint a bleaker picture for traditional TV networks. Abi Malin analyzes those stories and provides a preview of GrubHub’s upcoming earnings report.


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Domino’s drops on disappointing earnings and expansion concerns. Wells Fargo slips on low interest rates. And Blue Apron adds Beyond Meat. Motley Fool analysts Ron Gross and Emily Flippen discuss those stories and share some cooking tips.

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Citigroup’s 2nd-quarter results come in higher than expected. The Federal Trade Commission has reportedly approved a $5 billion fine for Facebook.  Jason Moser analyzes those stories, and we discuss the business ripple effects of Amazon’s Prime Day.


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Delta Air Lines posts record revenue in the 2nd quarter as shares close in on an all-time high. Bed Bath & Beyond hits a new 52-week low, but Bill Mann shares why he doesn’t think it’s beyond saving (yet). Plus, we discuss Amazon’s plan to retrain a third of its U.S. workforce and open up a package from a longtime listener.

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McDonald’s franchisees in the U.S. want a premium chicken sandwich to be the company’s top priority. Pepsi’s snack division continues to drive the stock. CVS expands MinuteClinic virtual visits to 8 new states. Lady Gaga teams up with Amazon for a line of beauty products. Jason Moser analyzes those stories, and we dip into the Fool Mailbag to look at the current state of the Battle For The Living Room.


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Has Apple lost its edge? Will Disney find magic with streaming? Can Microsoft continue its comeback? And when it comes to IPOs, is it really 1999 all over again? On today’s episode, Motley Fool analyst Tim Beyers tackles those questions as he reviews the first half of 2019. Tim shares some overlooked stories, hot IPOs, emerging trends, stock market disappointments, and stock market surprises.


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The U.S. women’s team wins the World Cup. Boeing loses a big order. Deutsche Bank makes some big layoffs. And a recent cybersecurity IPO continues to rally. Motley Fool analyst Tim Beyers discusses those stories and weighs in on a possible partnership between Google and DISH. 

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What happens when a company you own stock in is hit with a class action lawsuit? We dip into the Fool Mailbag with MFAM Funds portfolio manager Bill Barker to discuss that topic, as well as P/E multiples and the latest surprising health study about coffee.

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Time to rebalance? Is cash building up in your portfolio? Ron Gross shares some tips for investors doing a mid-year review of their stock holdings. Plus, we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss the prospects of profit-taking, as well as where investors can find good research.

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