Cyprus reaches a deal with the EU.  Apple makes an acquisition. Ford makes an apology.

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A Coca-Cola report finds that online buzz on Facebook produces no "measureable impact" on sales. And Oracle reports weaker-than-expected earnings.  Our analysts discuss those stories and share their March Madness picks.

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Shares of Williams-Sonoma hit a new 52-week high after the retailer reports big earnings. Shares of FedEx slip on lower quarterly profits.  And Apple faces a growing problem. 

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Investor react to the Cyprus crisis. Lululemon recalls some yoga pants for being too sheer.  And Samsung confirms that it's working on a smart watch. 

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Investors react to a plan by the Cyprus government to tax bank depositors.   Verizon makes some waves with television content providers.  And Iron Maiden gets into the beer business. 

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Blackberry rises on news that one of the company's partners ordered one million Blackberry Z10 smartphones.   And authorities in China accuse Coca-Cola of stealing state secrets.

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February retail numbers are in! The guys analyze the retail trend investors should be watching.  We also discuss Amazon’s business and recommend stocks for “Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer.

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A  judge blocks NYC's ban on large-size sugary drinks.  And Costco serves up big earnings.

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GE announces a big dividend and a share buyback.  The Dell soap opera takes a new twist.  And Starbucks defies the NYC ban on large-sized sugary drinks. 

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Activist investor Carl Icahn challenges Dell.  Shares of PetSmart slide.  And Verizon talks deal.

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Apple is hitting 52-week lows.  Google is hitting all-time highs.  Which stock is the better bet going forward?  Our analysts tackle that question and share some stocks on their radar.

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Google eyes the same-day delivery business.   J.C. Penney hits another low.   And Qualcomm raises its dividend and announces a share buyback.

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Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett publishes his annual letter to shareholders.  Our analysts discuss Buffett's latest letter and take stock in the business of 3-D printing.

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