Shares of J.C. Penney and Groupon plunge on earnings news.  Our analysts discuss the embattled companies and weigh in on the 25 best companies in the U.S.

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Our analysts discuss earnings news from Target, Priceline, Papa John's, and Dreamworks Animation.

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Home Depot and Macy's report big earnings.  And Yahoo's CEO stirs up a big controversy.



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Barnes & Noble rises on buyout rumors. Lowe's falls on earnings news.  And Hewlett-Packard introduces a $170 tablet.

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Our analysts discuss the latest earnings from Wal-Mart, Boston Beer, and Tesla.

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On today's MarketFoolery, our analysts discuss housing stocks, video game stocks, and diamond heists.

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The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is launching retail stores in the U.S.  Merger speculation surrounds OfficeMax and Office Depot.  And Beam reverse course and decides not to change its Maker's Mark recipe.


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Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital team up to buy Heinz.  US Airways and American Airlines make their merger official.  And shares of Whole Foods slide on earnings.

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Our analysts discuss Comcast's big deal, Buffalo Wild Wings' earnings, and Burger King's new coffee.

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Netflix partners with Dreamworks to produce a cartoon spinoff of the upcoming DreamWorks movie ''Turbo''.  Twitter teams up with American Express to give consumers some big deals.  And Michael Kors racks up some big earnings.


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Apple bets big on India.  Beam tweaks Maker's Mark.  And Pepsi serves up a breakfast drink.

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Our analysts discuss two stocks that are undervalued and two stocks that are overvalued.



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Disney and Chipotle’s latest earnings, a big deal in the biotech industry, and Hasbro unveils the newest Monopoly game piece.

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Dell goes private.   Uncle Sam sues S&P.   And shares of Yum Brands! and Baiidu fall on earnings news.

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Our analysts discuss the Super Bowl's winners and losers and talk about the FCC's proposal for a free WiFi network.

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