Ralph Lauren (the man) steps down as CEO of Ralph Lauren (the company), concluding a nearly 20-year run of market-beating returns.  Shares of The Gap fall as a key executive takes the CEO job at Ralph Lauren.  Plus we analyze Costco’s latest quarter and look back at Q3.

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A recent article made the case that it’s wrong for Millennials to save & invest money. Columnist Morgan Housel stops by the studio to offer a polite rebuttal.  Plus we discuss energy prices, proxy voting, and the lure of going out for coffee.

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Alcoa splits the company in two, but doesn’t have a name for one of the companies. Under Armour’s investment in golfer Jordan Spieth continues to pay off.  Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to make sense of Google’s different share classes.

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New home sales look strong, but Caterpillar’s woeful quarter drags down the Dow.  Plus we discuss the latest iPhone reviews, electric vehicles, and the upcoming film “The Big Short”.

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Groupon lays off 10% of employees as it tries to stay afloat. Instagram hits the 400-million user mark. Plus we discuss the state of GoPro, alternatives to cash, and Pope-inspired beers.

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AutoZone continues to deliver strong earnings. Darden Restaurants increases sales for the 6th straight quarter.  Plus, Motley Fool Funds analyst Bill Barker weighs in on just how bad things are getting for Volkswagen.

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VW gets busted for cheating on emissions test and faces up to $18 billion in fines.  Plus we discuss the business side of the Emmy Awards and the “Rule of 72”.

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European telecom Altice buys Cablevision. Oracle’s cloud business is growing, but not enough to keep shares from falling.  Rite Aid falls 10% after its latest earnings report.  Plus, we discuss underrated and overrated items you can buy in a drug store.

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FedEx disappoints. Hewlett-Packard lays off another 30,000 employees in advance of splitting the company next month.  And the two biggest beer companies in the world contemplate a merger.

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Columnist Morgan Housel shares his thoughts on the Federal Reserve’s upcoming meeting, what a rise in interest rates means for investors, and why bond investors should be concerned.

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Apple rises on an upbeat sales forecast for new iPhones.  Is Goldman Sachs correct in thinking oil could hit $20 a barrel?  Plus, we analyze McDonald’s move (finally!) to all-day breakfast and Amazon’s test of 1-hour alcohol delivery.

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Lululemon Athletica falls after lowering guidance. We analyze the highlights from Apple’s product launch. Plus, we discuss Ambarella’s recent plunge and how long FireEye’s unprofitability should worry investors.

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United Continental’s CEO suddenly resigns, but Wall Street appears unfazed.  Dave & Buster’s hits an all-time high, putting the stock in Shake Shack territory.  With the NFL season about to begin, we analyze the rising (and seemingly unstoppable) business of fantasy football.  Plus, we discuss the prospects for our fantasy team, televised darts, and the unheralded sport of sheep herding. 

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We dip into the Fool Mailbag to analyze the best ways to diversify your portfolio, when to STOP researching a company, and how to decide when to add to a position.

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After a rough month for investors Chris Hill reflects on the audacity of individual stock investing, his recent trip to northern California, what he learned inside Pixar Animation, and the poetry of Rudyard Kipling.


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