Facebook’s 2nd-quarter revenue growth was driven by its ability to charge more for ads. PayPal’s 2nd-quarter payment volume grew 40%, but shares sell off due to concerns related to eBay. John Rotonti analyzes those stories, iRobot’s 2nd-quarter results, and which companies have (and don’t have) the ability to raise prices.


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It’s not that Starbucks’ 3rd-quarter comps were higher than a year ago, it’s that they were higher than two years ago. Alphabet demonstrates that online advertising isn’t dead. Shopify continues to impress with their 2nd-quarter results. Tim Beyers analyzes those stories and provides his headlines to the latest quarters from Apple and Microsoft.

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Tesla posts record profits in the 2nd quarter. AerCap wins regulatory approval to buy GE’s aircraft leasing business. Sherwin-Williams posts pretty good 2nd-quarter results. Asit Sharma analyzes those stories and discusses the importance of finding management teams with strong capital allocation skills.

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Hasbro shares hit a 52-week high after strong 2nd-quarter results. America’s population growth is slowing down, so what does it mean for different industries? Jason Moser analyzes those stories and shares what he’s going to be watching when Teladoc Health and Qualcomm report earnings later this week.

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Crocs and Domino’s Pizza hit new all-time highs after their latest 2nd-quarter reports. Southwest Airlines drops after 2nd-quarter revenue comes in lower than Wall Street was expecting. Maria Gallagher analyzes those stories and the pizza landscape in NYC.


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Johnson & Johnson posts strong 2nd-quarter results and raises guidance for the full fiscal year. Philip Morris has a mixed 2nd-quarter and gets questions about its recent acquisition. Sarah Gentry and Connor Allen analyze those stories, pick out highlights from Netflix’s most recent results, and share why Blue Bird Corp. and DermTech are on their watchlists.


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Nasdaq partners with several banks to spin off Nasdaq Private Market as a stand-alone company. Ally Financial shares rise after strong 2nd-quarter profits. Asit Sharma analyzes those stories and discusses the long-term investing ripple effects of Jeff Bezos’ trip to space.


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Zoom Video makes its biggest acquisition ever buying Five9, a cloud-based call center operator, for $14.7 billion in stock. AutoNation posts blowout earnings in the 2nd quarter. Jason Moser analyzes those stories and breaks down what happens when a stock you own has been bought for cash.

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Can investing change the way you look at the world? Chris Hill shares how standup paddleboarding and a meal at Rodney Scott’s BBQ helped him think about investing. (We’re off Thursday so if you’re looking for another great financial show to listen to this week check out the shows hosted by our recent guests!)

The Tech Money Podcast with Malcolm Ethridge -

Check Your Balances -

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The growth of retail investing over the past year has been incredible and is poised to increase from here. Chief Investment Officer Andy Cross discusses that phenomenon, why we may need to rethink the definition of “small caps”, and Airbnb’s need for a strong 2nd half of the year.

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The Chinese government’s move against Didi are only the latest in a string of actions against technology companies. Bill Mann discusses what he believes some investors are missing in the story and shares his straightforward approach to investing in China. Plus, he digs into the brands underneath Authentic Brands Group as well as Robinhood’s S-1 filing.

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The attorneys general of 36 states and the District of Columbia sue Google over its app store. A combination of macro fears drive the day on Wall Street. Asit Sharma analyzes those stories and discusses the potential role of ETFs for investors.  


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An analyst note from JPMorgan sends shares of Whirlpool higher. Alicia Alfiere analyzes the rise of home improvement stocks and shares why Whirlpool fits the trend. Plus, we discuss whether or not to sell shares of Uber after a nice gain, and the peace treaty that hot dog consumers have been waiting for!

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Shares of Didi fall 15% after the Chinese government stops new users from downloading the ride-hailing app as it conducts a cybersecurity review. Krispy Kreme doesn’t raise as much money as it hoped with its IPO. Jason Moser analyzes those stories, discusses the challenge of adding to your winners, and shares why he believes inflation may not be as transitory as once thought.


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