Technology analyst Tony Arsta discusses his approach to finding investments in the technology industry, why the upcoming earnings season is so important, and the real reason tech giants like Cisco Systems acquire smaller companies. 

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JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon sits down with the DOJ, eBay buys Braintree for $800 million, and Bed, Bath & Beyond hits an all-time high.

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It’s our 500th episode! We salute our dozens of listeners with a round of Overvalued/Undervalued and we dip into the Fool mailbag.

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BlackBerry goes private while Chrysler preps its IPO. Plus the guys analyze National Oilwell Varco’s spin-off and the merger of the day.

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Apple racks up big iPhone sales over its opening weekend. Plus we analyze the business implications of the Emmy Awards and openly speculate about Chipotle entering the coffee wars.

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Fed Chief Ben Bernanke surprised Wall Street by maintaining the QE program.  We analyze the pros and cons of the decision, JP Morgan’s $920 million penalty, and the huge sales of “Grand Theft Auto V”.

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FedEx hits a 7-year high, Adobe Systems hits an all-time high, and “Grand Theft Auto” continues its winning streak.  Plus we dig into the Fool mailbag.

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Microsoft announces a $40 billion buyback plan, Pandora announces a secondary offering, and Aeropostale rises on hopes of a buyout.

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Larry Summers bows out of the Fed Chief race, United Natural Foods has a blowout quarter, Twitter’s going public and we dip into the Fool mailbag.

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Our analysts discuss some unfashionable results from Lululemon & Men’s Wearhouse, analyze Pandora’s new CEO, and delve into some great news for Breaking Bad fans.

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Our analysts discuss Apple, telecom, and retail advertising.

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Dow Jones boots 3 stocks from the index and welcomes 3 new ones.  Plus we talk oil, McDonald’s latest sales numbers, and preview the Apple event.

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Yum Brands’ sales continue to fall in China. Facebook unveils its latest attempt to take down Twitter, and there’s a shake-up in the luxury retail landscape.

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Samsung & Qualcomm unveil the first smartwatches. US auto sales rise in August. Campbell Soup teams up with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and we dip into the Fool mailbag.

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LinkedIn looks to raise $1 billion in a secondary offering.  Apple gears up to unveil the newest iPhone, and A&F issues guidelines for employee’s hairstyles.

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Microsoft gives Nokia investors $7.2 billion reasons to smile. CBS and Time Warner Cable kiss and make up. And Jarden buys Yankee Candle for $1.75 billion.

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