Shares of Papa John’s and Domino’s fall despite double-digit comps growth. Best Buy lowers expectations for 2021. Teladoc Health’s 4th-quarter loss was bigger than expected. Bill Barker analyzes those stories and how Bath & Body Works (and their candles) is the engine driving results for parent company L Brands.  

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Square wraps up a strong fiscal year but shares fall on slowing growth. Same-store sales for Lowe’s grew 28% in the 4th quarter, but pessimism remains about 2021. Despite a rough 4th-quarter report, Six Flags hits a 52-week high on optimism for “The Great Reopening”. Clay Bruning analyzes those stories, and shares some boots-on-the-ground research from his days at a Six Flags theme park.

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Home Depot closes out the fiscal year with a strong quarter. Macy’s turns a profit in Q4 but gears up for a year of recovery and rebuilding. Bill Barker analyzes those stories, secondary offerings from Shopify and Carnival Cruise, and his inexperience with conspiracy theories.

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Discovery Communications’ streaming service gets off to a hot start, sending shares to an all-time high. Korn Ferry’s stock hits a 52-week high after stronger-than-expected 3rd-quarter results. Jason Moser analyzes those stories, as well as Boeing’s latest headline risk and the potential for “re-opening” stocks.

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If Walmart wrapped up its fiscal year with strong comps in the U.S., why is the stock falling 6%? What should you do when the company you own shares of is bought by another company? Jim Gillies analyzes those questions and introduces Medpace Holdings, a clinical research business he thinks more investors should know about.

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January retail numbers surprise Wall Street. Tractor Supply buys some growth. Shopify shares fall despite strong 4th-quarter results. Hilton Worldwide treads water as it wraps up its fiscal year. Bill Barker analyzes those stories, as well as Berkshire-Hathaway’s latest investments: Chevron and Verizon.

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CVS Health’s 4th-quarter profits come in higher than expected. Ceva pops on a strong end to the fiscal year. AutoNation hits a new high and announces a $1 billion share buyback plan. Jason Moser analyzes those stories, plus we discuss the passing of Marriott CEO Arne Sorensen and his legacy leading the largest hotel chain in the world.

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Zillow pops 16% on a strong 4th-quarter report and a heated-up housing market. Uber loses less money in the 4th quarter than expected. Bill Mann analyzes those stories as well as the global shortage of semiconductor chips.

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Twitter shares rise after a strong end to the fiscal year. Lyft’s 4th-quarter loss is smaller than expected, which sends the stock higher. Maria Gallagher analyzes those stories, as well as Under Armour’s surprising holiday quarter and the challenge ahead for CEO Patrik Frisk.

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Glu Mobile shares pop 30% as the mobile game developer gets bought by Electronic Arts. Simon Property Group and Jones Lang LaSalle project optimism for the year ahead. Chegg wraps up a strong year. Bill Barker analyzes those stories, plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to revisit Bill’s math on the eBay’s returns and discuss the latest study on the health benefits of coffee.

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Cerence posts record results in the 1st quarter. Hasbro wraps up the fiscal year with a mixed 4th quarter. Target’s new in-house apparel brand hits $1 billion in sales. Jason Moser analyzes those stories, plus we discuss Super Bowl ads and companies that advertised in the Super Bowl in 2002.

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PayPal hits a new high on strong 4th-quarter results and 2021 guidance. Ebay’s story (in terms of results, guidance, and stock movement) is similar to PayPal’s. GrubHub falls on a disappointing 4th quarter, while shares of Canada Goose rise more than 25%. Bill Barker analyzes those stories and ponders the relative merits of a $125 face mask.

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Amazon’s 4th-quarter revenue of $125 billion takes a back seat to the news that founder Jeff Bezos will step down as CEO. AWS founder (and longtime Amazon employee) Andy Jassy will become Amazon’s CEO later this year. Shares of Alphabet pop 7% as 4th-quarter results are highlighted by Google’s core ad business and revenue growth from YouTube. Andy Cross analyzes those stories, as well as the latest quarterly results from Chipotle.

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Alibaba’s cloud computing division is profitable for the first time ever. Pfizer’s 4th-quarter results were mixed. UPS wraps up a very strong fiscal year. Emily Flippen analyzes those stories and shares why, despite their great year, UPS is in a precarious position.

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The CEOs of Chevron and ExxonMobil talked last year about a potential merger. McCormick serves up higher sales in the 4th quarter. Jason Moser analyzes those stories and offers a preview of Amazon’s upcoming earnings report.

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