Alphabet’s ad revenue growth slows down in the 1st quarter and $70 billion gets shaved off the company’s market cap. General Electric shares rise after the company loses less money than expected. McDonald’s and Texas Roadhouse post similar same-store sales growth in their respective 1st quarters, but only McDonald’s sees its stock rise. MFAM Funds portfolio manager Bill Barker analyzes those stories and shares why McDonald’s decisions around bacon and donut fries paid off. Plus, we preview our next “Apropos Of Nothing” episode!

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With an opening weekend record $1.2 billion in box office receipts, “Avengers: Endgame” not only rules the movie industry but also sets Disney up for the launch of Disney+ and higher sales in its consumer products division. Spotify hits 100 million paying subscribers. And 1st-quarter results for Restaurant Brands International were affected by weather. (Yes, really.) Abi Malin analyzes those stories and shares what she’ll be watching when Alphabet reports after the closing bell.

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Facebook posts record profits in the 1st quarter, while Microsoft’s 3rd-quarter report pushes its stock to a new all-time high. Bill Mann analyzes the latest for these two tech behemoths and shares why Microsoft has the most valuable recurring-revenue franchises in the world. Plus, we wonder why Tesla shares aren’t falling further after posting a big loss in the 1st quarter, and try to make sense of Chevron and Occidental Petroleum making competing bids for Anadarko Petroleum.

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iRobot’s 1st-quarter profits came in higher than expected, but shares are falling 20%. Ron Gross analyzes the results and shares how looking past the headline can explain iRobot’s rough day. Domino’s Pizza shares pop despite the slowest same-store sales growth in more than 5 years. Plus, we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss the link between market highs and IPO offerings.


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Twitter and Hasbro pop on strong 1st-quarter results. Procter & Gamble increases its dividend for the 63 year in a row. MFAM Funds portfolio manager Bill Barker analyzes those stories, plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to get some on-the-ground research from Burger King’s “Impossible Whopper” test in the greater St. Louis area.
(Tangents include Bill’s upcoming trip to Singapore, investing in addiction, and how our listeners compare to listeners of other business news podcasts.)

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If you were looking forward to Samsung’s event on Wednesday unveiling its new Galaxy smartphone with a foldable display, bad news. Samsung postponed the event after early reviews of the device were much worse than expected. Seth Jayson analyzes the potential ripple effects and shares why Samsung made the right move. Plus, we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss buying stocks with high valuations and Seth shares why he’s watching consumer goods stocks this earnings season.


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Shares of Johnson & Johnson rise on strong earnings and strong growth in prescription drug sales. AT&T unloads its stake in Hulu. And Walmart announces a fashionable partnership with Kidbox. Analysts Emily Flippen and Jason Moser discuss those stories and share some fashion hits and misses.   Thanks to LinkedIn for supporting The Motley Fool. Go to and get $50 off your first job post.


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Waste Management buys Advanced Disposal Services for $3 billion in cash. Analysts Andy Cross and Ron Gross talk about the big deal with trash and evaluate the prospects of Waste Management’s market-beating stock. Plus, we discuss Best Buy’s new CEO and take stock in Tiger Woods’ big win at the Masters.   Thanks to LinkedIn for supporting The Motley Fool. Go to and get $50 off your first job post.



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Software company PagerDuty soars in its Wall Street debut. Tesla slips on news about its Gigafactory. And Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos challenges the competition. Analysts Andy Cross and Ron Gross discuss those stories and debate the merits of Paramount's planned prequel to Grease.

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Delta Air Lines posts a strong 1st quarter.  Analyst Emily Flippen shares why she’s not surprised, and why JetBlue’s reported move to transatlantic routes is a smart one. Levi Strauss delivers its first quarterly report as a public company, but we can’t get over how expensive it looks. Plus, with earnings season getting ready to heat up Emily shares why she’s looking forward to the latest report from Atlassian.

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Bank of America announces its raising its own minimum wage to $20 an hour. Conveniently, this news comes 24 hours before BofA’s CEO appears (along with other bank CEOS) before the House Financial Services Committee.  MFAM Funds portfolio manager Bill Barker analyzes that news, Cerner Corp’s new board members, and Kellogg’s selling off its cookie brands.  Plus, as we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss value stocks you’ll notice we spend a bit of time talking about General Electric when we really mean General Motors.  (Thanks in advance for your patience.)

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Pinterest prices its IPO range at $15 - 17 a share. Dan Kline analyzes the conservative price and shares why management’s taking the long view could pay off big for future shareholders. As the NCAA men’s basketball championship game gets ready to tip off, we discuss the rise of sports betting and which businesses stand poised to benefit. Plus, we tip our jester caps to Proctor & Gamble hitting a new all-time high as it enters its 62nd straight year of raising its dividend!


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Shares of Tesla slip on slowing sales as a federal judge begins hearings on whether Elon Musk violated a fraud agreement. And Constellation Brands gets a boost from beer as it unloads some wine. Analysts Andy Cross and Emily Flippen discuss those stories and weigh in on Warren Buffett’s next big acquisition. 

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GameStop shares fall after warning of a loss in the current quarter. Will the company’s 5th CEO in just over a year have the answers? Emily Flippen analyzes the troubled video game retailer, as well as the latest results from Dave & Buster’s. Plus, we discuss the rise of meatless companies, the FDA’s upcoming hearing on legalizing CBD, and more.


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Delta Air Lines raised guidance on next week’s earnings report, which sent shares of all major U.S. airlines higher. Bill Mann analyzes the rationale for the ripple effect and shares the one airline stock he owns. (Hint: It’s not in the U.S.) We discuss Lyft’s suddenly-challenged stock price and the potential effect on Uber’s upcoming IPO.  Plus, we dip into the Fool Mailbag to talk about cash, as well as our April Fool’s Day episode.

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Roman Financial crushes 4th-quarter results sending the stock up 10%. Shares of McCloskey Holdings (aka, “the next Baby Berkshire”) hit an all-time high. Jason Moser and Taylor Muckerman analyze the latest founder-led businesses hitting new highs.  Plus, we discuss the latest hot IPO and whether investors should jump in now or wait for a pullback.


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