Tim Hanson discusses everything from ETF-based investments in Brazil and China, to specific global investments like Tencent Holdings.  He also shares why U.S. investors should read non-U.S. news every day.

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There are opportunities to be had in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, but some investors shy away because of the “Sleep Factor”.  Industry Focus host Kristine Harjes analyzes the drug approval process and why every investor should take a close look at this industry.  She also shares two drugmaker stocks she likes right now, and introduces the term “bleeding event” to the conversation.

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Chris Hill discusses key resources for investors, why he’s a fan of charts, and the investing lessons he recently learned from filmmaker Robert Rodriguez.

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Ron Gross kicks off “Strategy Week” with a primer on value investing, including key metrics to look for and why management is a key factor in “deep value” investing.

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A law firm urges the SEC to get rid of quarterly earnings reports. Should Elon Musk take a page from the Google/Alphabet playbook and restructure his companies under one roof?  Plus, we debate the pros and cons of investing in off-price retailers.

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Brian Cornell caps his 1st year as Target’s CEO with another strong quarter. Lowe’s 2nd-quarter results are solid, not spectacular.  Plus we analyze Yum Brands’ new leadership in China and yet another new Colonel Sanders.

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Wal-Mart hits a 52-week low while Home Depot soars to a new all-time high. We analyze the two retailers and dip into the Fool Mailbag to compare the recent performances of Berkshire-Hathaway and Markel.

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A New York Times article on Amazon’s work conditions for white-collar employees puts the e-commerce giant in the spotlight. Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss the best way to invest in a future rise in oil prices, explain Zillow’s massive stock drop and analyze Disney’s expansion plans for Star Wars theme parks.


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The team takes a look at Wayfair and Keurig’s latest earnings reports, as well as Tesla’s newest stock offering and Twitter’s future. Plus they talk about the impending doom of the market thanks to the Death Cross.

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Alibaba falls after 2nd-quarter results. Apple deals with China’s currency moves. Plus Alex Scherer analyzes the most interesting part of Tesla Motors’ recent conference call as the battle for the road heats up.

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Google stuns Wall Street with a corporate restructuring that includes renaming the company “Alphabet”.  Matt Argersinger and Jason Moser analyze the pros and cons of the move, including Google’s ability to invest in long-shot initiatives. Plus we discuss Shake Shake’s surprising profit and how short-sellers are helping to fuel the stock’s rise.

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Berkshire-Hathaway shells out $37 billion for Precision Castparts, but Wall Street seems unimpressed. Neiman Marcus posts strong online sales as it gears up to go public. Plus we analyze Under Armour’s new partnership with the NBA and Twitter’s new deal with the NFL.

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Are computers getting it wrong this earnings season? Did anyone foresee Disney’s stock falling this much? And what are we missing about the rise in the cost of college tuition?  Our man Morgan Housel helps us dip into the Fool Mailbag.

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Walt Disney single-handedly drags down the Dow. DreamWorks Animation continues to struggle. Zillow bounces back on stronger-than-expected 2nd-quarter results. And Lumber Liquidators drops to its lowest point in nearly 4 years.

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CVS Health shares drop, despite strong Q2 profits. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, the $60-billion biotech, hits an all-time high.  We discuss how to start investing in biotechnology stocks, and why Tommy’s Pizza has the best wings in New Jersey.

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ExxonMobil’s earnings were cut in half. Tyson Foods falls as the beef market conditions worsen.  Plus we debate the prospects for Taco Bell’s new alcohol sales and encourage everyone to not freak out no matter what happens to the market this month.

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