February home prices record their highest increase in almost 7 years. McDonald's considers serving breakfast throughout the day. And Buffalo Wild Wings' profits drop as chicken prices rise.


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Motley Fool analyst Joe Magyer talks about investing in Australia and previews the upcoming Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting.

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Netflix reports big earnings and credits its original programming.  Is Netflix the next HBO?  Our analysts tackle that question and delve into the latest earnings news from Traveler's, Coach, and RadioShack.

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Our analysts discuss the latest earnings news from Nokia, Verizon, and Pepsi.

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Intel profits fall on a decline in PC sales.  Yahoo! slips on slowing first-quarter sales.  And Mattel rises on strong sales of American Girl and Monster High dolls.

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Coca-Cola reports big earnings and shares pop.   Shares of Johnson & Johnson climb on earnings news.  And shares of Goldman Sachs slip.  

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DISH makes a big bid for Sprint.   Citigroup reports big earnings.   The price of gold continues its big decline.  And Amazon's CEO defends his company's big investments.

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Microsoft deals with slumping PC sales.   An activist investor doubles-down on J.C. Penney.  And Yum! Brands deals with an outbreak in China.
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The Federal Reserve debates ending its easy money policies. CarMax reports big earnings. And Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill secures a revealing trademark.

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Shares of J.C. Penney plunge after the embattled retailer fires its CEO.   And Caribou Coffee loses some of its buzz.

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GE makes a big oil buy.  Our analysts talks about what the deal means for investors and share three stocks to watch this earnings season.

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The SEC friends Netflix.  J.C. Penney takes 97% off.  Zynga makes a big bet.  And Samoa Air makes a weighty decision.

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Apple apologizes to its customers in China.  McCormick delivers spicy earnings. 

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Tesla announces that it's profitable.  AT&T makes a big buy. 

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