Men’s Wearhouse turns the table on Jos. A. Bank with a $1.5 billion bid.  Just in time for Thanksgiving we share a few things in the world of business and investing that we’re thankful for, as well as a few turkeys.

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The Nasdaq has hit 4000 for the first time since September of 2000; why did it take so long to get back there. Plus, the guys talk about management shakeups at BlackBerry and Wal-Mart, and discuss Amazon’s future.

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Uncle Sam will sell its remaining shares of General Motors.  Should investors jump in?  Plus we analyze JP Morgan Chase’s $13 billion settlement and the mysterious world of Bitcoin.

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Lowe’s announced disappointing numbers this morning, sending shares down, while J.C. Penney announced similarly disappointing numbers, sending shares up. What gives? Plus, the guys dive into the latest retail report from the Commerce Department, and make some predictions about Black Friday.

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We analyze the latest from Home Depot, Campbell's Soup and Best Buy. 

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Dow hits 16,000, Sony sells one million PlayStation 4s, plus we analyze Bill Ackman's latest bet and Washington Post's latest move.

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Cisco Systems & Wal-Mart deliver disappointing earnings. Plus we analyze JP Morgan’s epic fail on Twitter and Snapchat spurning Facebook’s offer of $3 billion.

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Starbucks pays $2.8 billion to settle a dispute. Potbelly’s 1st quarter as a public company is a winner.  Plus, we analyze how Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is handling the spotlight.

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Apple’s new iPad Mini goes on sale, and we analyze the retail landscape as the holiday shopping season kicks off.

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In today’s show the guys discuss Amazon’s new deal with the US Postal Service, Disney’s new deal with Netflix, and try to figure out what the deal is with Lululemon’s founder.

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Twitter IPOs in a big way.  Plus we analyze Whole Foods’ earnings and Nestlé’s latest deal. 

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Tesla Motors, Zillow and Middleby all report earnings.  Plus we analyze Abercrombie & Fitch as it stumbles into the holiday quarter.

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SAC Capital and Johnson & Johnson pay billion-dollar fines, and we break down a merger in the housing industry.

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BlackBerry is staying public, and the market isn’t happy about it. Plus Twitter increases its IPO price range, and we dive into Berkshire Hathaway’s and Kellogg’s earnings.

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