As Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) continues to invest in the metaverse, would acquiring Roblox fit with their plans? Asit Sharma answers that question and weighs in on the results from Cyber Monday and the stock market uncertainty caused by the omicron variant.

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey resigns as longtime CTO Parag Agrawal moves into the corner office. Amazon executive Dave Clark says the Everything Store is about to pass UPS and FedEx as the largest delivery service in the U.S. Jason Moser analyzes those stories and we preview our annual holiday tradition!

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Some races end with the runners covered not only in sweat, but also in mud. Chris Hill recently ran one such race, and shares a lesson he learned from a fellow runner and how it applies to stock investing.

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Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Zoom Video all issue 3rd-quarter earnings reports with a similar pattern: better-than-expected results followed by shares falling. Asit Sharma analyzes all three and shares why he believes the short-term pain for shareholders should be buoyed by the strength of each business.

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Jay Powell gets nominated for another term as chairman of the Federal Reserve. Cerence shares drop 20% on guidance. Jason Moser analyzes those stories and reports that Monster Beverage and Constellation Brands are engaged in merger talks.

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Shares of Walmart fall despite strong 3rd-quarter results and raised guidance. Home Depot hits a new all-time high after a monster 3rd quarter fueled by higher average tickets. Bill Mann analyzes those stories and weighs in on the Green Bay Packers selling $90 million worth of stock in the team.

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Oatly falls well below its IPO price on revenue challenges. WeWork issues its first report as a public company. Mastercard’s predictions for holiday spending next week include big expectations for luxury goods and apparel. Jason Moser analyzes those stories and shares why he thinks physical store retail (and related REITs) will be worth watching.

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Rivian Automotive gears up for one of the biggest IPOs of 2021. DoorDash shares rise on an international acquisition. Coinbase falls as trading activity in the 3rd quarter was lower than expected. Asit Sharma analyzes those stories and shares why business predictability is coveted by investors.

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General Electric CEO Larry Culp announces the plan to split into three companies that will focus on aviation, energy, and health care. PayPal shares sink on 3rd-quarter results and guidance for 2022. Bill Mann analyzes those stories and the eye-popping rise of Roblox shares after its latest earnings report.

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Shares of The Trade Desk pop more than 25%. Were 3rd-quarter results that good? PayPal issues its own 3rd-quarter results after the closing bell today. What should investors be watching for? Jason Moser answers those questions, and shares how many stocks he owns and why.

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As shares get close to a new all-time high after 3rd-quarter results, Booking Holdings demonstrates its toughness in the face of adversity. Roku shares fall despite encouraging 3rd-quarter numbers heading into the holidays. Tim Beyers analyzes those stories, and shares a hopeful (and skeptical) view of Fastly’s plans for the future. 

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Zillow announces the layoff of 25% of its staff and the shuttering of its home-buying business, causing shares to hit a 52-week low. Bed Bath & Beyond pops on a partnership with Kroger and an update on its share buyback plan. Asit Sharma analyzes those stories and Lyft’s ongoing struggle to work out its own economics.

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Shares of Avis Budget skyrocket as increased demand for rental cars fuels strong 3rd-quarter profits. Under Armor’s restructuring plan bears fruit in the form of 3rd-quarter profits doubling and full-year guidance being raised. Chegg shares fall 46% on a dismal earnings report. Bill Mann analyzes those stories and makes his pitch for a new acronym encompassing the top 8 consumer technology stocks in America.

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Coca-Cola buys Bodyarmor for $5.6 billion. Trivago’s 3rd-quarter results were much better than expected, but shares remain flat. Jason Moser analyzes those stories and discusses the importance of setting expectations with McCormick and other stocks.

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