Microsoft falls despite strong 1st-quarter results. Boeing announces more job cuts. Tupperware pops another 30% after crushing its 3rd quarter and continuing its run as one of the hottest stocks since March. Bill Barker analyzes those stories as well as the latest news from the beer industry. (Tangents include reactions to the L.A. Dodgers winning the World Series and more overrated/underrated Halloween candies.)

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What should investors expect from high-flying Etsy when it reports 3rd-quarter results on Wednesday? Is subscriber growth still the #1 priority for Spotify? How will Starbucks wrap up its fiscal year? Jason Moser answers those questions and makes his picks for overrated and underrated Halloween candy.

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Dunkin’ Brands is on the verge of being taken private (at a 20% premium!) by Inspire Brands. SAP warns on revenue and shares drop more than 20%. Hasbro’s 3rd-quarter profits and revenue beat expectations, but the stock falls anyway. Jim Gillies analyzes those stories and shares why the toy industry is analogous to the fashion industry.

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Tesla produces its 5th consecutive profitable quarter. Chipotle shares drop 5% despite strong 3rd-quarter results. Jason Moser analyzes those stories and discusses the short, expensive, painful life of Quibi, the short-video streaming service that closed due to complete lack of interest.

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Subscriber growth for Netflix is at its lowest point in four years. Snap’s 3rd-quarter surprise sends the stock up 30%. WD-40 hits an all-time high after strong 4th-quarter results. Maria Gallagher analyzes those stories and shares which upcoming Netflix show she’s most looking forward to.

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Procter & Gamble hits an all-time high on strong 1st-quarter sales. Albertson’s pops after digital sales in the 2nd quarter rise 243%. Logitech’s 2nd-quarter profits triple Wall Street’s expectations. Bill Barker analyzes those stories, as well as the U.S. Department of Justice’s antitrust lawsuit against Google.

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Solar energy stocks have been on a tear, but is now the time to buy? What happens to the ever-popular PE Ratio if a company’s profits don’t exist? Jim Gillies tackles those questions and shares what he’s watching this earnings season.

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Fastly falls 25% as the edge cloud platform company warns of lower revenue from its biggest customer (TikTok). Sleep Number hits a new all-time high after strong 3rd-quarter profits surprise Wall Street. Emily Flippen analyzes those stories, as well how Peleton, Planet Fitness, YogaWorks and others are dealing with the evolving fitness industry.

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Apple’s iPhone 12 event was all about 5G. Tim Beyers analyzes the new devices and shares two additional companies with a stake in Apple’s fortunes. Plus we discuss the latest earnings from UnitedHealth and whether its worth holding on to shares of Disney that bought in 1993.

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Disney CEO Bob Chapek reorganizes the business in an even greater commitment to streaming video. Johnson & Johnson’s 3rd-quarter earnings take a back seat to news about its Covid-19 vaccine trial. Shares of Ethan Allen pop on increased guidance for actual profits in the 1st quarter. Jason Moser analyzes these stories and gives a quick preview of what investors should expect from Big Banks this earnings season.

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Twilio uses $3.2 billion worth of stock to buy Segment, a privately-held provider of customer data platforms. Apple and Amazon have big events on Tuesday, so how should investors be thinking about them? Jim Gillies analyzes those stories and discusses whether investors in their 20s should have a place in their portfolios for dividend-paying stocks like Pepsi.

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IBM shares pop as Big Blue announces a surprising spin-off. Morgan Stanley makes a $7 billion deal for Eaton Vance. Shares of Domino’s Pizza fall as rising cheese costs outweigh robust same-store sales in the 3rd quarter. Jason Moser analyzes those stories and reflects on National Pizza Month.

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Shares of Levi Strauss pop on strong 3rd-quarter online sales. AT&T looks to sell DirecTV for much less than the asking price. Sirius XM gets set to pay Howard Stern $120 million a year. Jim Gillies analyzes those stories and shares why he owns stock in one of Levi’s rivals.

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Alteryx pops 25% after the data analytics software company raises guidance on 3rd-quarter results. The retail landscape is shifting dramatically with some companies seeing higher profit margins while apparel retail is in a world of hurt. Bill Barker analyzes those stores and discusses Mondelez shifting their capital allocation strategy.

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Venmo introduces a new credit card. Movie theater stocks get pummeled as the 2nd-largest chain in the world closes all of its theaters in the U.S. and UK. Jason Moser analyzes those stories and talks portfolio allocation strategy as we dip into the Fool Mailbag.

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Bed Bath & Beyond pops more than 30% on a surprisingly strong 2nd-quarter report. Pepsi treads water as 3rd-quarter sales of snacks make up for weak soda sales. Playboy Enterprises plots a return to the public markets via a reverse-merger with Mountain Crest Acquisition. Jim Gillies analyzes those stories and shares why he’s intrigued by companies that everyone assumes are going to die.

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