Shares of Buffalo Wild Wings and SodaStream heat up on strong earnings news. Our analysts give their take and talk about the perils of following big money.

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Coach drops on weak earnings and a drop in same-store sales.  Plus we analyze the latest from 3D Systems, National Oilwell Varco and Barnes & Noble.

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With big mergers in the news, we discuss the ripple effect “cheap money” is having on CEOs.  Plus, Amazon is hiring, Hertz reports Q2 earnings, and we dip into the Fool mailbag

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Facebook’s huge 2nd-quarter results send the bears running.  Plus earnings from Visa, Under Armour, General Motors and Dunkin’ Brands.

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Apple’s stock rises on record iPhone sales.  Plus earnings from Pepsi, Ford, Caterpillar and Panera.  And in news that is a shock to absolutely no one, the SEC has charged a man with running a bitcoin Ponzi scheme.

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Netflix’s 2nd-quarter was solid, but not spectacular.  Wendy’s hits a new 52-week high, and RadioShack misses yet again.

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McDonald’s latest quarterly results take a hit.  Hasbro’s earnings are overshadowed by a new partnership with Disney.  Plus we look back at last Friday’s train wreck for Microsoft.

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Intel, UnitedHealth and eBay all report earnings.  Plus, we analyze National Ice Cream month and what your favorite flavor says about you.

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Yahoo’s stock hits a 5-year high. 2nd-quarter earnings for Mattel & Bank of America were very different.  Google is looking into a new online pay-TV service, and one PayPal customer gets the mother of all bank errors. 

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Coca-Cola fizzles. Johnson & Johnson reports better-than-expected earnings. And the CEO of Sears stirs up some controversy with his unorthodox strategy.

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Citi’s stock is on fire. Blackberry holds a fire sale.  And Boeing is dealing with its latest fire.  All that plus we dip into the Fool mailbag.

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Our analysts preview earnings season, talk about some box office winners and losers, and delve into Facebook's latest search. 

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Noodles & Co’s stock soars after its IPO. A new CEO boosts Zynga. Disney re-ups Bob Iger for another year.  And the Winklevii return with a Bitcoin ETF.  (No, really.)

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