Volkswagen posts a surprising profit. Starbucks gets serious about iced coffee. Plus we discuss whether social media can be successful with e-commerce and share highlights from our Memorial Day weekends.

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In what could be a disastrous mistake, Chris Hill and Bill Barker play a round of “Buy, Sell or Hold?”. Topics covered include Ponzi schemes, baseball, travel, and a live-action version of “Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

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Fool Funds analyst Bill Barker dissects why Intuit is beating H&R Block, why Tiffany continues to struggle, and why everyone knew Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia wouldn’t work. Plus, we gear up for the start of Memorial Day weekend.

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Best Buy impresses investors this quarter but is already disappointing them next quarter, while GoPro and Red Bull enter into a mutually beneficial arrangement. Plus our analysts take a deep dive into the struggling restaurant industry and pick out some companies that they think have what it takes to survive.

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Dick’s Sporting Goods spikes as Sports Authority closes its doors, but the direct-to-consumer battle is just heating up. Bayer makes a $62 billion bid for Monsanto, but will Uncle Sam approve the deal? Plus, we share a few takeaways from Fool Fest 2016.

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Shares of Church & Dwight (parent company of Trojan Brands) spike on buyout rumors. Is someone trying to corner the global condom market?  Meanwhile, America grapples with an oversupply of cheese. Plus, we analyze the latest earnings from Lowe’s and Target.

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Is YouTube really worth $75 billion as a stand-alone business?  Plus we analyze Home Depot’s latest quarter and offer a preview of Fool Fest, our 2-day investing conference.

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Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert teams up with Warren Buffett to make a bid for Yahoo’s core assets. Plus we analyze Berkshire-Hathaway’s purchase of Apple shares and Gannett increasing its bid for Tribune Publishing.

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General retail gets hit again, while restaurant stocks continue to serve up strong returns. Plus we discuss Wal-Mart’s new service and a media tour of NYC.  Thanks to Audible for supporting this episode! Get a free 30-day trial at

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Disney announced a rare earnings miss this week, but the company still has a lot to offer investors--unfortunately that may not be true for beleaguered retailers Macy’s and Fossil. Meanwhile a judge has called off the Staples and Office Depot merger, leaving the two companies high and dry.

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Morgan Housel shares insights from an investing conference in Montreal.  Chris Hill shares a preview of ESPN’s next documentary “OJ: Made In America”.

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Lending Club tanks after the CEO resigns. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts gets a sweet buyout. Plus we discuss Microsoft’s move to increase transparency for individual investors.  Thanks to Audible for supporting this episode! Get a free 30-day trial at

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Bill Barker & Bryan Hinmon from Motley Fool Funds analyze the latest results from Whole Foods, L Brands and Weight Watchers. Bryan explains what an “and” stock is and we try to make sense of Tribune Publishing’s latest move.

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Zillow’s optimism sends shares up double-digits. Priceline guidance is tepid, but is the company sandbagging?  Plus we dip into the Fool  Mailbag and celebrate Star Wars Day.

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The team takes a look at earnings from The New York Times and Grubhub, two very different companies with some surprising parallels. Plus they dive into the future of Apple and if Tim Cook is to blame for the stock’s recent problems.

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We sift through the wreckage of the now-defunctHalliburton/Baker Hughes deal. Hulu makes the battle for the livingroom more interesting, and we discuss the newest player in theathletic apparel industry: Uncle Martian.  For a free copy ofour new 401k guide, go to

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