Chewy reports a surprise 4th-quarter profit that sends shares higher. Lululemon’s digital sales in the 4th quarter were strong, but what management really wants to talk about is Mirror. Emily Flippen analyzes those stories, as well as BlackBerry’s latest results and attempts to turn the company around.


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More details emerge about Archegos Capital’s investments. PayPal enables crypto conversions for U.S. consumers. Facebook is working on an Instagram app for kids under 13. Andy Cross analyzes those stories, and invokes a name from investing history: Long-Term Capital Management.


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In the face of a global shortage of semiconductor chips, which companies can drive returns for investors? Jason Moser analyzes the chip market and shares why Qorvo, Qualcomm, and Marvell Technology are on his radar. Plus, we discuss Archegos Capital’s margin call and the ripple effect (and lessons) for investors.

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RH sold a lot of luxury furniture in the 4th quarter, wrapping up a great fiscal year. KB Home shares fall despite strong 1st-quarter profits. Bill Barker analyzes those stories, as well as Rite Aid’s updated guidance (which sent the stock down 20%).


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GameStop falls 20% after a disappointing 4th quarter and a perplexing lack of guidance from management. Adobe’s 1st-quarter results were as strong as their guidance. General Mills has a mixed 3rd quarter but believes demand for food at home will continue to be strong. Maria Gallagher analyzes those stories and shares which breakfast cereal is her favorite indulgence.

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Will Zoom Video’s move into licensing pay off? How much is Microsoft willing to pay to acquired Discord? Ron Gross analyzes those questions and previews GameStop’s upcoming earnings report.

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Is a FOMO-inspired ETF a good idea for investors? How attractive is Amazon’s retail business absent AWS? Jason Moser analyzes those questions, as well as Canadian Pacific Railway’s $25 billion deal to buy Kansas City Southern. We also discuss Sister Jean from Loyola University Chicago and the leap of faith that all investors make.


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Dollar General and Five Below are in the same category and both came out with 4th-quarter reports that highlight (among other things) their opportunities for growth. Emily Flippen analyzes those stories, as well as Petco’s first earnings report as a public company.


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Lennar rises on strong 1st-quarter results and continued optimism about America’s housing market. Coupa Software delivers a surprise profit in the 4th quarter but shares still sell off. Jason Moser analyzes those stories and the escalating bidding war in Silicon Valley as Lumentum, MKS Instruments, and II-VI all make bids to buy Coherent.

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Dick’s Sporting Goods launches a new apparel line aimed at taking on Lululemon. Google unveils the newest version of the Nest Hub. Bill Barker shares why he’s buying, selling, or holding these topics, as well as the BEACH stocks (and the acronym itself).

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Standard & Poor’s announced that Penn gaming, NXP Semiconductors, Caesar’s Entertainment, and Generac Holdings will be joining the S&P 500 Index. Carnival Corp’s CEO predicts the cruise industry won’t be back to normal until 2023. Airline stocks rise after TSA reports over 1.3 million people flew on Sunday. Jason Moser analyzes those stories, plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss recent volatility and the importance of the right mindset.

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Bumble’s first quarterly report as a public company is a hit with Wall Street. finishes up a strong fiscal year. Maria Gallagher analyzes those stories, as well as the latest quarter from Party City.

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MongoDB’s guidance offsets strong 4th-quarter results for the could database business. 2nd-quarter sales for Campbell’s Soup are lower than expected, stalling the company’s turnaround plans. Alicia Alfiere analyzes those stories as well as how the streaming video landscape looks for Netflix now that Disney+ has 100 million subscribers.

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Stitch Fix falls 30% after rough 2nd-quarter results and guidance. Thor Industries crushes earnings but deals with supply chain issues. Bill Barker analyzes those stories as well as the latest results from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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Investing for your kid?  Investing with your partner?  We dip into the Fool Mailbag to talk stocks vs. index investing, when to deploy cash, and more.  Jason Moser weighs in on those topics, as well as the Deutsche Bank survey on how $170 billion in stimulus checks could end up in the stock market.

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Okta buys rival Auth0 for $6.5 billion in stock. Square buys Tidal for $300 million in cash and stock, and adds Jay-Z to the board of directors. Bill Mann analyzes those stories, and discusses whether American Eagle Outfitters’ recent hot streak is sustainable.

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Nordstrom’s 4th-quarter results were (on the surface) so much better than those of Ross Stores, so why are both stocks falling the same? Dollar Tree adds $2 billion to its stock buyback plan. Emily Flippen analyzes those stories, plus FuboTV’s 300% rise over the past year (and 15% drop today).

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Despite all the positive aspects of their respective 4th-quarter reports, shares of Mercadolibre and Zoom Video are falling today. But that pessimism isn’t shared by Jim Gillies, who says those two stocks are “as far away from the sell button” as any he owns. Jim analyzes their results as well as the latest quarter from Kontoor Brands, the parent company of Lee and Wrangler jeans.

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Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot vaccine gets the green light as the company prepares millions of does to be deployed this week. Netflix cleans up at the Golden Globe Awards while Disney has an opportunity to make a splash in April. Jason Moser analyzes those stories, plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss weighing positions in new stocks vs. existing positions.  

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