The latest earnings reports from Microsoft and Facebook are a reminder that sometimes bigger is better. Bill Barker analyzes the solid results from Church & Dwight, and the retail woes of Tapestry (aka, parent company of Coach, Kate Spade, and Stuart Weitzman).

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Alphabet shares rise on a 1st-quarter report and comments from CEO Sundar Pichai and CFO Ruth Porat. Andy Cross analyzes the latest results from Google’s parent company. Plus, we discuss Mastercard’s better-than-expected 1st quarter, and Starbucks’ plan to reopen stores in the U.S. by early June.

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3M’s 1st-quarter report gets a boost from the personal safety division. Merck’s 1st-quarter profits rise 10%. Pepsi’s snack division helps offset weakness in 1st-quarter beverage sales. Ron Gross analyzes those stories and discusses dividend protection and the rise in snacking.

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General Motors suspends its dividend and stock buybacks. UPS and CVS team up to deliver prescription medicine via drones. And Disney announces big plans for Disney Plus. Motley Fool contributor Dan Kline tackles those stories and shares a few streaming recommendations.

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Target’s digital sales are soaring, but costs are on the rise too. Discover Financial Services posts a loss in the 1st quarter. Jason Moser analyzes why Discover’s valuation might be attractive to value investors. Plus, we discuss Domino’s 1st-quarter report and our go-to spices for topping a slice of pizza.

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Netflix adds 16 million global subscribers. Chipotle’s digital sales grow 81%. Shares of Snap rise 30% on strong growth in revenue and daily active users. Jason Moser analyzes the latest earnings reports from all three.


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Coca-Cola’s 1st-quarter profits and revenue come in higher than expected. Bill Barker analyzes why Coke’s “away-from-home” channel won’t bounce back quickly. Plus we discuss IBM’s changing of the guard, J.M. Smucker raising guidance, and Hertz’s layoffs. (Tangents include mermaids, lengthy Uber rides, and a fistful of cash.)

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Oil prices hit a 21-year low. United Airlines reports a $2.1 billion quarterly loss. And Facebook unveils a new tracking map for COVID-19 symptoms. Motley Fool analyst Emily Flippen discusses those stories and weighs in on the meaning of 420 and the future of cannabis stocks.

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Abbott Labs and Bed Bath & Beyond both deliver better-than-expected quarterly results. CEO Oscar Munoz shares United Airlines’ plan to cut flights in May. Costco boosts its quarterly dividend. Ron Gross analyzes those stories, as well as Verizon getting into the video conferencing business with its acquisition of BlueJeans Network. We also discuss why we’re rooting for Abbott Labs and Medtronic, and an idea for our newest basket of stocks.

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1st-quarter profits for both Bank of America and Goldman Sachs fall more than 40%. Several major airlines reach an agreement with Uncle Sam on payroll grant funding. Retail in March fell a record-setting 8.7%. Andy Cross analyzes those stories, and weighs in on Comcast’s soft launch of its new video streaming service: Peacock.

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Johnson & Johnson shares rise after 1st-quarter profits come in higher than expected. Roku’s preliminary results show (shocker!) a big jump in streaming hours. Valero Energy previews a $2 billion loss, while Exxon Mobil sells more debt. Bill Barker analyzes those stories, along with Chesapeake Energy’s 1-for-200 reverse stock split. (Tangents include parental guidance and Jim Gillies’ favorite breakfast cereal.)

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eBay names Walmart executive Jamie Iannone as its new CEO. The New York Times reports that former Disney CEO and current Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger is reasserting his control over the company. Ad rates tumble on Facebook. And the CDC extends a No Sail Order for cruise ships. Motley Fool contributor Dan Kline tackles those stories and weighs in on the relative merits of ESPN’s Horse Challenge.

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Disney+ has more than 50 million subscribers. Starbucks suspends buybacks and updates guidance. Costco’s same-store sales in March rose nearly 10%. Bill Barker analyzes those stories and discusses which categories of retail (e.g., bread makers) are suddenly soaring.

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Amazon suspends its shipping service that competes with UPS and FedEx. Pinterest shares rise despite withdrawing guidance. Williams Companies adds a poison pill to protect against a hostile takeover. Abi Malin analyzes these stories and shares the companies she’ll be watching this upcoming earnings season.

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Kraft Heinz rises on strong first-quarter sales. Carnival gets a lift from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. Quibi makes its video debut. And SeaWorld says goodbye to another CEO. Motley Fool analyst Dan Kline tackles those stories and weighs in on whether we’ve reached peak mac  and cheese consumption.

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Warren Buffett sells part of his position in Southwest Airlines and Delta. Zoom CEO Eric Yuan takes responsibility for the company’s security issues. And Slack sells $600 million of debt. Motley Fool analyst Tim Beyers weighs in on those stories and shares a few of his favorite cloud stocks.

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Luckin Coffee’s stock falls 75% after the company’s internal investigation found the COO fabricated sales numbers in 2019. Dan Kline analyzes the damage to investors and the company’s reputation. Plus, we discuss the latest unemployment numbers, Carnival Cruise Line raising money, and AMC Entertainment (aka, largest movie theater chain in the world) hiring lawyers. We also share why we’re gearing up to watch the TV series “Six Feet Under” and “Wordplay”, a documentary about The New York Times crossword puzzle.


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Some online companies, including Netflix and Amazon, saw their shares rise for the first quarter despite the historically bad quarter. What does the growing divide between online business and traditional businesses mean for investors? Motley Fool analyst Jason Moser tackles that question, talks about why Domino’s and Nike are well-positioned going forward, weighs in on Macy’s getting the boot from the S&P, and talks about the slowdown in the housing market.


The Motley Fool is donating $1 million to Health Research Incorporated, which is managing New York State’s COVID-19 response fund. To contribute, go to

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