Toys R Us, the largest toy retailer in America, declares bankruptcy.  Abi Malin surveys the damage.  As Adidas sales in the U.S. continue to rise, we check in on its competition with Nike and UnderArmour.  Plus, we dip into the Fool Mailbag to answer the question, “How should I feel when an executive sells shares of his company stock?”

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Northrop Grumman buys Orbital ATK for nearly $8 billion in cash. Taylor Muckerman analyzes why the deal makes sense for Northrop Grumman and shares why investors should expect more space-related business news.  We check in on “The Battle for the Living Room” with Roku pricing their IPO and a discussion of the business winners from last night’s Emmy Awards.

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United Natural Foods benefits from low expectations and a bidding war breaks out for Toshiba’s memory-chip division.  Aaron Bush analyzes those stories and breaks down the different strategies Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are employing to gain traction with their home assistant devices.

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JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon calls Bitcoin a fraud. Apple introduces its new iPhone. And Chipotle introduces queso. Aaron Bush and David Kretzmann discuss those stories and talk about what it all means for investors.

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Apple gears up for its big event. Travelers Insurance puts a hold on stock buybacks. And Pizza Hut deals with an image problem. Jeff Fischer and Jim Gillies analyze those stories and discuss the potential ramifications of countries eliminating internal combustion engines.

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Hurricane Irma isn’t quite as destructive as we feared, but the damage is still being done. Jason Moser and Taylor Muckerman survey the investing landscape in Irma’s wake and analyze insurers, re-insurers, retail, restaurants and more. Plus, Equifax continues to fall. Is it now a buying opportunity?

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Tronc buys The New York Daily News, while Verizon launches a rewards program that comes with a catch.  Jason Moser analyzes the respective moves and shares his skepticism about either one succeeding.  Plus, we wrap up “Mistakes Were Made” week by discussing why some company moves belong on a short leash and why you should never fall in love with a stock price.

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Dave & Buster’s shares slide on disappointing sales. And Kohl’s partners with Amazon to offer smart home products. Matt Argersinger talks about those stories and shares one of his biggest investing mistakes.

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United Technologies buys defense contractor Rockewell Collins in a deal worth $23 billion.  Taylor Muckerman analyzes the deal and shares why UTX is in no danger of getting too big.  Plus, we borrow from our podcast colleagues at Industry Focus and kick off “Mistakes Were Made” week with a few thoughts on listening to smart analysts and listening to your own gut.

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Turns out Wells Fargo opened 1.5 million fake accounts more than originally reported. So why isn’t the stock tanking?  Bill Barker from Motley Fool Funds surveys the damage, and digs into the latest earnings from Campbell’s Soup and Land’s End.  Plus, we preview this weekend’s bonus episode of Industry Focus and next week’s launch of brand new edition of “The Motley Fool Investment Guide”.  (For more details, go to

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