Nokia cuts its forecast and shares tumble. Will Microsoft Windows Phone 7 help Nokia reconnect with investors? Intel announces plans to develop a super lightweight laptop with tablet features.  Will Intel's Ultrabook pose a serious threat to Apple's iPad?

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Hedge fund manager David Einhorn calls for Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer to step down.  Tiffany reports strong earnings.  And the SEC approves a plan that could make whistleblowing a lot more lucrative.

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Barnes & Noble introduces a new rival to Amazon's Kindle.  Costco reports strong earnings.  And a BBC documentary uncovers Apple's religious appeal.

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Russian search engine Yandex surges on its first day of trading.  The U.S. Treasury prepares to unload its stake in A.I.G.  And Ford develops a seat that can monitor a driver's heart and provide an early warning of a heart attack.




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Standard & Poors downgrades its outlook for Italy's debt.  Krispy Kreme reports its biggest quarterly profit in seven years.  And Toyota introduces a new friend.

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Dell reports big profits.  General Mills buys a bunch of yogurt.  And McDonald's deals with calls for Ronald McDonald to retire.

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Wal-Mart reports strong international growth and an improvement in U.S. sales.  Hewlett-Packard lowers earnings guidance and tries to plug some leaks.  And business networking site LinkedIn increases the price range for its intial public offering.

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The United States government hits its debt ceiling. What does it mean for investors? J.C. Penney reports better-than-expected earnings. Why isn't Wall Street buying the news?  And Disney attempts to trademark "Seal Team 6".  How nervous should GI Joe be?

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Google unveils a cloud-based laptop.  Will Google's Chromebook test Microsoft's mettle?  Shares of Cisco slip after the company lowers earnings guidance and announces plans to cut more jobs.  What can the networking giant do to reconnect with investors?

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Disney reports weaker-than-expected earnings because of a Martian movie flop.  Hermes reports a sharp increase in luxury goods sales.  And shares of Yahoo! decline over concerns about its business in China. 

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