Chris Hill wraps up 2015 with some reflections on being an investing nerd, Mike Tyson, getting punched in the mouth, and Gay Telese’s classic magazine profile “Frank Sinatra Has A Cold”.

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Amazon added more than 3 million Prime members in the week before Christmas. Fitbit turned out to be the surprising winner of this year’s “hot gadget” title. Plus, we discuss Darden Restaurants’ $400 proposition for New Year’s Eve.

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The Consumer Electronics Show is the largest consumer technology trade show in the world.  Next week David Kretzmann (and a team of Fools) heads to Las Vegas for CES. Today he offers a preview of CES and what it means for investors.

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To quote David Gardner, the best way to improve your investing is to lead a more interesting life. Chris Hill wraps up a month’s worth of holiday music selections with some thoughts on the late, great Louis Armstrong.

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Morgan Housel shares how diversification is easy for investors to come by, even with just the Dow Jones Industrial Average of 30 stocks. Plus we discuss why buybacks play a huge role in the market’s performance and why oil is the industry to watch in 2016.

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Chipotle hits a 52-week low after another E. coli outbreak. Motley Fool Funds analyst Bill Barker discusses the restaurant's challenges and the extent to which a celebrity spokesperson could help. Plus, we preview the energy and healthcare industries for 2016.



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“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” made All The Money. What’s the best way to invest in organics?  We discuss those topics and offer up some book recommendations for the investor in your life.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to make a ton of money.  But with expectations so high, what happens to Disney’s stock if the movie falls just a little bit short?  We dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss that topic, as well as diversification, kids & investing, and how confusing marijuana identification can be.

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The Fed raises rates. McDonald’s all-day breakfast plan appears to be working. Motley Fool Funds analyst Bill Barker discusses those stories, as well as Sports Illustrated’s Person of the Year, the history of tennis, Mark Knopfler and a host of other tangential topics.

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Kristine Harjes & Michael Douglass help review the healthcare industry’s 2015 with their selections for Best Story, Best Stock, and Worst CEO of the Year.

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