Pandora strikes a chord with investors. And researchers create robotic roaches.  Our analysts discuss those stories and preview next week's earnings.

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Barnes & Noble reports a bigger-than-expected fourth-quarter loss.  Home prices record their biggest annual gain in 7 years.  And Walgreens reports anemic growth in its same-store sales.

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Investors react to concerns about China.  The Federal Trade Commission reviews Google's acquistion of Waze.  And Monsters University scares up some big returns at the box office.

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The stock market reacts to the Fed Chief's latest comments.  And Men's Wearhouse decides its founder is no longer a good fit. 

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Our analysts discuss two stocks that are undervalued and two stocks that are overvalued.

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Shares of Jack-in-the-Box rise on news that the company is closing some of its Qdoba stores. launches a new initiative on Facebook. KitchenAid and SodaStream partner on an at-home carbonation machine.

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DreamWorks Animation signs a big deal with Netflix. What does it mean for investors?

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Pandora buys a radio station.  What does the move mean for the future of the online music company?   Is Apple’s new streaming service a Pandora-killer?   On today’s show, our analysts tackle those questions and discuss the business of extreme weather.

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Our analysts discuss some stocks that are undervalued, some stocks that are overvalued, and two business stories that have been overlooked.

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Lululemon tumbles in the wake of a surprising departure.  Apple unveils a new look.  And Dole produces some sweet returns.

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