McDonald’s announces a big push in China the same day it gets a new competitor: Chipotle.  Plus we analyze Movado Group’s struggles and reminisce about some of our favorite April Fool’s Day pranks.

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Morgan Housel weighs in on the unusual 2-year run of the stock market, the case for imports, and how investors are living in a great time for financial journalism.

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McCormick serves up another strong quarter, but is the stock’s valuation getting too spicy? Plus we discuss potential catalysts for LinkedIn and Walt Disney becoming the #1 shorted stock in the DJIA.  To win your own investing library, go to

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Anbang tops Marriott’s bid for Starwood Hotels.  Pandora’s founder returns and Wall Street doesn’t seem excited. Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag and share investing takeaways from our respective vacations.

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Jeff Fischer shares his thoughts on tech giant Andy Grove and the legacy he leaves behind.  Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to answer questions about leveraged ETFs, writing puts and more.  For Jeff’s free crash course on options investing, go to

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Why do sexy businesses get all the attention?  We analyze why investors should give boring, unsexy companies a second look.  Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag and discuss Mattress Firm’s latest quarter.  To win your own investing library, go to

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Deals in the paint and hotels industries help Merger Monday live up to its nickname.  Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss mortgages, branding strategies, and the decline of beer consumption.  For a chance to win your own investing library go to

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Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner and a group of all-star analysts share their favorite investing books and the lessons they learned. For your chance to win an investing library go to

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Joshua Baer is the founder of Capital Factory, a hub for entrepreneurs in Austin. He takes a few minutes out of his insanely busy week to discuss the tech scene in Austin, SXSW and more.

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Tech editor (and Industry Focus host) Dylan Lewis takes the stage at the SXSW Podcast Center to share what he’s learned this week about driverless cars. Plus, what happens when a robot holds a press conference?


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