We’re back from South Carolina!  David Kretzmann shares highlights from our investing conference and analyzes Citron Research’s shorting of Shopify.

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Chris Hill sits down with Ben Carter and Malcolm Ethridge, hosts of the “Manage Your Damn Money” podcast to talk about how they met, the #1 financial topic millennials want to hear about, Ben’s early attraction to the topic of money, Malcolm’s upcoming marathon and more.

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Emerging markets are up 25% year-to-date. What’s up with THAT?!? Investor-At-Large Tim Hanson shares why emerging markets still have room to run. Plus, we offer a sneak preview of Tuesday’s episode and discuss the investing book Tim just started reading.
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It’s finally here! The episode that at least 3-4 listeners have asked for.....the non-investing podcast! 
Motley Fool Asset Management’s Bill Barker and Chris Hill are joined by 1st-time guest (and longtime Fool) Roger Friedman to talk about comedy influences, musicians who died too young, the epic “Tiger vs. Shark” battle and more.  Plus, we reveal the winners of our “CEO Buddy Cop movie” contest and wonder if we’ve made a terrible mistake by taping (and publishing) this episode.

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Roku jumps in its public market debut. Andy Cross and David Kretzmann take stock in the streaming device maker and talk millennial trends and trendy stock ideas.

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Nike’s 1st-quarter profits fall 24%.  Bill Barker from Motley Fool Asset Management analyzes Nike’s challenges and the relative attractiveness of a stock close to a 2-year low.  Plus, we discuss Macy’s attempt to increase appeal among its biggest customers.  (Tangents include the existence of NHL fans, celebrity chefs, and details about our upcoming bonus episode.)

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Richard Smith is out as chairman and CEO of Equifax.  Jason Moser analyzes the potential for a light at the end of the tunnel for shareholders. Plus, we dig into surprising profits from Ascena Retail and offer a sneak preview of our event next week in South Carolina.

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Sprint and T-Mobile are close to a merger. Jason Moser and Taylor Muckerman analyze the long-term trend around mobile carriers and the potential for anti-trust concerns. Plus, we dig into General Electric’s latest sale and Twitter’s latest glimmer of hope.

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Shares of chipmaker AMD pop on reports of a partnership with Tesla.  Motley Fool Asset Management’s Bill Barker analyzes the challenges Scholastic faces as its stock hits a 52-week low.  KB Home’s board of directors moves (with surprising speed) to punish its CEO.  Plus, we offer a sneak preview of our upcoming bonus episode and announce one of the prizes for our “CEO Buddy Cops” movie contest.

(Tangents include Las Vegas, the international space station, and our upcoming bonus episode!)

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Nintendo shares hit a 9-year high on news of a big partnership. Bed, Bath, and Beyond takes a bath after reporting disappointing earnings. And Amazon gets into the wearables game. Aaron Bush and David Kretzmann discuss those stories and talk about what it all means for investors.

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