The breakfast wars heat up between McDonald’s and Taco Bell.  Google makes a play for TV ad dollars.  And we use baseball’s Opening Day as an excuse to talk about the business of sports.

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Joe Magyer checks in from Australia to discuss big banks, IPOs, a recent research trip, and how living Down Under has affected his approach to investing.

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Facebook bets $2 billion on virtual reality goggles.  Walgreen’s gets pinched on profit margins.  Panera Bread gets a downgrade.

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Columnist Morgan Housel analyzes today’s stock market and shares why Jesse Livermore is a finance writer to watch. Plus we talk the arrival of La Boulange offerings at Starbucks and discuss whether selling alcohol will work for the Seattle coffee titan.

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Apple is talking with Comcast about a potential partnership that could remake the TV landscape.  Plus we analyze 2 IPOs coming this week and Carl Icahn’s latest victory with Herbalife.

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Tim Hanson from Motley Fool Funds analyzes the Fed’s latest announcement, Alibaba’s impending IPO and the newest offering from Red Robin Gourmet Burgers.  Plus, we share our thoughts on the NCAA basketball tournament.

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In today’s show the guys discuss big earnings news from Oracle, FedEx, and SolarCity, as well as the future of the smartwatch and how you can use it to follow your favorite stocks.

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On today’s show the guys discuss Amazon’s home invasion, Alibaba’s IPO prospects, and what Wal-Mart’s intrusion into GameStop’s turf means for the videogame company. 

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Williams-Sonoma proves that not every brick & mortar retailer is struggling.  Plus, we analyze the latest earnings from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and the much-anticipated price increase for Amazon’s Prime membership.

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The Feds just knocked on General Motors’ front door and it’s not to bring them candy & flowers.  New Jersey bans Tesla Motors, Express hires Kate Upton, and Disney makes headlines with Maker Studios and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

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