Men’s Wearhouse turns the table on Jos. A. Bank with a $1.5 billion bid.  Just in time for Thanksgiving we share a few things in the world of business and investing that we’re thankful for, as well as a few turkeys.

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The Nasdaq has hit 4000 for the first time since September of 2000; why did it take so long to get back there. Plus, the guys talk about management shakeups at BlackBerry and Wal-Mart, and discuss Amazon’s future.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_25_2013.mp3
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Uncle Sam will sell its remaining shares of General Motors.  Should investors jump in?  Plus we analyze JP Morgan Chase’s $13 billion settlement and the mysterious world of Bitcoin.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_21_2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 6:53pm EST

Lowe’s announced disappointing numbers this morning, sending shares down, while J.C. Penney announced similarly disappointing numbers, sending shares up. What gives? Plus, the guys dive into the latest retail report from the Commerce Department, and make some predictions about Black Friday.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_20_2013.mp3
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We analyze the latest from Home Depot, Campbell's Soup and Best Buy. 

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_19_2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:31pm EST

Dow hits 16,000, Sony sells one million PlayStation 4s, plus we analyze Bill Ackman's latest bet and Washington Post's latest move.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_18_2013.mp3
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Cisco Systems & Wal-Mart deliver disappointing earnings. Plus we analyze JP Morgan’s epic fail on Twitter and Snapchat spurning Facebook’s offer of $3 billion.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_14_2013.mp3
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Starbucks pays $2.8 billion to settle a dispute. Potbelly’s 1st quarter as a public company is a winner.  Plus, we analyze how Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is handling the spotlight.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_13_2013.mp3
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Apple’s new iPad Mini goes on sale, and we analyze the retail landscape as the holiday shopping season kicks off.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_12_2013.mp3
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In today’s show the guys discuss Amazon’s new deal with the US Postal Service, Disney’s new deal with Netflix, and try to figure out what the deal is with Lululemon’s founder.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_11_2013.mp3
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Twitter IPOs in a big way.  Plus we analyze Whole Foods’ earnings and Nestlé’s latest deal. 

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_07_2013.mp3
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Tesla Motors, Zillow and Middleby all report earnings.  Plus we analyze Abercrombie & Fitch as it stumbles into the holiday quarter.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_06_2013.mp3
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SAC Capital and Johnson & Johnson pay billion-dollar fines, and we break down a merger in the housing industry.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_05_2013.mp3
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BlackBerry is staying public, and the market isn’t happy about it. Plus Twitter increases its IPO price range, and we dive into Berkshire Hathaway’s and Kellogg’s earnings.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_04_2013.mp3
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In a Halloween-themed episode, we discuss trick stocks, treat stocks, and the genius of Steve Wynn.  Plus we discuss the most overrated and underrated Halloween candies.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_31_2013.mp3
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Buffalo Wild Wings hits a new all-time high with longtime CEO Sally Smith leading the way.  Plus we analyze the latest from GM, LinkedIn and Baidu.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_30_2013.mp3
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Shares of Apple & BP are going in opposite directions, and McDonald’s breaks a 40-year old business relationship with Heinz.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_29_2013.mp3
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The guys take a break from earnings to discuss some overvalued, undervalued, and under the radar stocks. Plus, is Snapchat really worth $3.6 billion?

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_28_2013.mp3
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Banking analysts Matt Koppenheffer & David Hanson break down the latest news from JP Morgan and Bank of America. Plus we discuss some interesting news reports about EU leadership and make a surprising beer recommendation.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_24_2013.mp3
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Panera and Caterpillar disappoint with Q3 earnings.  Plus we analyze Apple’s new iPads and Heineken’s profit warning.

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Coach stumbles on its latest earnings, Netflix hits a new all-time high, and Radio Shack continues its Radio Shack-ness.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_22_2013.mp3
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Facebook changes its privacy policy to attract more teenage users. Plus we analyze the latest earnings from McDonald’s and Hasbro.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_21_2013.mp3
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IBM falls on lousy Q3 results. Plus we analyze the latest earnings from eBay, American Express and Goldman Sachs.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_17_2013.mp3
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Should Pepsi spin off its snack division? Why is $3B in profit not enough for Intel? We answer those questions and debate investing in Twitter’s IPO.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_16_2013.mp3
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Coca-Cola’s Q3 profits rise 6%, Johnson & Johnson continues its hot streak and Teradata Corp warns of trouble to come.  Plus Apple hires Burberry’s CEO to run its retail operations.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_15_2013.mp3
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Netflix rises on reports of a potential partnership with cable companies, the debt ceiling deadline continues to loom, and Fool favorite Robert Shiller is awarded the Nobel Prize.

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Restaurants & Hotels

October 10, 2013

The market rebounds on signs of progress in Washington DC.  Plus we discuss the latest from Ruby Tuesday’s, Darden Restaurants and Marriott International.

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Janet Yellen is nominated to be the next head of the Federal Reserve, Yum Brands’ Q3 profit falls 68%, and Joseph A. Bank makes a $2.3B bid for Men’s Wearhouse.

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Starbucks CEO calls out Congress, Google & HP team up on a new laptop, and we debate the merits of the new $100 bill.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_08_2013.mp3
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Govt. shutdown hits day 7, GM pushes online sales, and Twitter’s IPO raises a few questions.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_07_2013.mp3
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Earnings season kicks off next week and we’ve got a preview.  Plus, Tesla’s stock is hit by an Internet video, and Lego unseats Hasbro in the toy industry.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_03_2013.mp3
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Day 2 of the government shutdown, a few big shareholders want Bill Gates gone from Microsoft's board room, and 3 well-known brands go public.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_02_2013.mp3
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Consumer goods analyst Bill Barker discusses how investors should consider consumer goods staples separately from discretionary consumer goods companies, and why acquisitions can provide insight into a CEOs strengths or weaknesses. 

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_01_2013.mp3
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Technology analyst Tony Arsta discusses his approach to finding investments in the technology industry, why the upcoming earnings season is so important, and the real reason tech giants like Cisco Systems acquire smaller companies. 

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JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon sits down with the DOJ, eBay buys Braintree for $800 million, and Bed, Bath & Beyond hits an all-time high.

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It’s our 500th episode! We salute our dozens of listeners with a round of Overvalued/Undervalued and we dip into the Fool mailbag.

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BlackBerry goes private while Chrysler preps its IPO. Plus the guys analyze National Oilwell Varco’s spin-off and the merger of the day.

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Apple racks up big iPhone sales over its opening weekend. Plus we analyze the business implications of the Emmy Awards and openly speculate about Chipotle entering the coffee wars.

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Fed Chief Ben Bernanke surprised Wall Street by maintaining the QE program.  We analyze the pros and cons of the decision, JP Morgan’s $920 million penalty, and the huge sales of “Grand Theft Auto V”.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_19_2013.mp3
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FedEx hits a 7-year high, Adobe Systems hits an all-time high, and “Grand Theft Auto” continues its winning streak.  Plus we dig into the Fool mailbag.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_18_2013.mp3
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Microsoft announces a $40 billion buyback plan, Pandora announces a secondary offering, and Aeropostale rises on hopes of a buyout.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_17_2013.mp3
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Larry Summers bows out of the Fed Chief race, United Natural Foods has a blowout quarter, Twitter’s going public and we dip into the Fool mailbag.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_16_2013.mp3
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Our analysts discuss some unfashionable results from Lululemon & Men’s Wearhouse, analyze Pandora’s new CEO, and delve into some great news for Breaking Bad fans.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_12_2013.mp3
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Our analysts discuss Apple, telecom, and retail advertising.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_11_2013.mp3
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Dow Jones boots 3 stocks from the index and welcomes 3 new ones.  Plus we talk oil, McDonald’s latest sales numbers, and preview the Apple event.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_10_2013.mp3
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Yum Brands’ sales continue to fall in China. Facebook unveils its latest attempt to take down Twitter, and there’s a shake-up in the luxury retail landscape.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_09_2013.mp3
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Samsung & Qualcomm unveil the first smartwatches. US auto sales rise in August. Campbell Soup teams up with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and we dip into the Fool mailbag.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_05_2013.mp3
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LinkedIn looks to raise $1 billion in a secondary offering.  Apple gears up to unveil the newest iPhone, and A&F issues guidelines for employee’s hairstyles.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_04_2013.mp3
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Microsoft gives Nokia investors $7.2 billion reasons to smile. CBS and Time Warner Cable kiss and make up. And Jarden buys Yankee Candle for $1.75 billion.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_03_2013.mp3
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Hidden Gems advisor Seth Jayson discusses his approach to small-cap investing, why he keeps some stocks on a tight leash while letting others grow to become large caps, and why “brand” can be a powerful asset for some companies.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_22_2013.mp3
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Million Dollar Portfolio advisor Ron Gross shares his expertise on building a diversified portfolio, how to manage reallocation, and which industries he considers a “must” for every investor.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_21_2013.mp3
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Tim Hanson discusses his approach to investing outside the US, why international exposure is important for investors, and which countries and industries he’s watching right now

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_20_2013.mp3
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Value investor Ron Gross kicks off “Strategy Week” by sharing advice for how to find value stocks and where he’s looking right now.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_19_2013.mp3
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Walmart and Cisco Systems fall on their latest earnings results. Plus we analyze Berkshire Hathaway's latest buys over a delivery of See's Candies. 

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_15_2013.mp3
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Apple has a new investor in Carl Icahn.  Plus we analyze earnings from Macy’s and Deere, and debate the pros and cons of traveling via hyperloop.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_14_2013.mp3
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Bill Ackman quits JC Penney’s board of directors.  Europe’s economy shows signs of life, and Yum Brands’ problems in China continue.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_13_2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:45pm EST

BlackBerry evaluates “strategic options”, including the sale of the company.  Apple sets a date for its new iPhone.  Plus we dig into the Fool mailbag and revisit the soap opera “As JC Penney Turns”.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_12_2013.mp3
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Tesla Motors’ share rise on 2nd-quarter results.  We analyze the latest earnings from Groupon and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and the latest offering from Taco Bell.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_08_2013.mp3
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“The Lone Ranger” is going to lose at least $150 million for Disney, but shareholders shouldn’t worry too much. Plus we analyze the latest earnings from Zillow and Freddie Mac, and discuss why it must be awesome to be a Bank of America lawyer.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_07_2013.mp3
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Amazon founder & CEO Jeff Bezos buys The Washington Post for $250 million.  Plus we analyze the latest from American Eagle, Fossil and Michael Kors.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_06_2013.mp3
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Berkshire-Hathaway’s 2nd-quarter profits rose 46%, but it’s the next target for his famed “elephant gun” that interests us. Plus we analyze the smackdown between CBS and Time Warner Cable, the latest newspaper fire sale, and The Motley Fool’s shout-out from The Wall Street Journal.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_05_2013.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:43pm EST

Whole Foods battles great expectations, while the world’s biggest gold miner reports an epic quarterly loss.  Plus the guys analyze the latest results from Trulia and Yelp, and gear up for CNBC’s new primetime original “Twitter Revolution”. 

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_01_2013.mp3
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Shares of Buffalo Wild Wings and SodaStream heat up on strong earnings news. Our analysts give their take and talk about the perils of following big money.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_31_2013.mp3
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Coach drops on weak earnings and a drop in same-store sales.  Plus we analyze the latest from 3D Systems, National Oilwell Varco and Barnes & Noble.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_30_2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:59pm EST

With big mergers in the news, we discuss the ripple effect “cheap money” is having on CEOs.  Plus, Amazon is hiring, Hertz reports Q2 earnings, and we dip into the Fool mailbag

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_29_2013.mp3
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Facebook’s huge 2nd-quarter results send the bears running.  Plus earnings from Visa, Under Armour, General Motors and Dunkin’ Brands.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_25_2013.mp3
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Apple’s stock rises on record iPhone sales.  Plus earnings from Pepsi, Ford, Caterpillar and Panera.  And in news that is a shock to absolutely no one, the SEC has charged a man with running a bitcoin Ponzi scheme.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_24_2013.mp3
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Netflix’s 2nd-quarter was solid, but not spectacular.  Wendy’s hits a new 52-week high, and RadioShack misses yet again.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_23_2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 12:34pm EST

McDonald’s latest quarterly results take a hit.  Hasbro’s earnings are overshadowed by a new partnership with Disney.  Plus we look back at last Friday’s train wreck for Microsoft.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_22_2013.mp3
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Intel, UnitedHealth and eBay all report earnings.  Plus, we analyze National Ice Cream month and what your favorite flavor says about you.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_18_2013.mp3
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Yahoo’s stock hits a 5-year high. 2nd-quarter earnings for Mattel & Bank of America were very different.  Google is looking into a new online pay-TV service, and one PayPal customer gets the mother of all bank errors. 

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_17_2013.mp3
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Coca-Cola fizzles. Johnson & Johnson reports better-than-expected earnings. And the CEO of Sears stirs up some controversy with his unorthodox strategy.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_16_2013.mp3
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Citi’s stock is on fire. Blackberry holds a fire sale.  And Boeing is dealing with its latest fire.  All that plus we dip into the Fool mailbag.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_15_2013.mp3
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Our analysts preview earnings season, talk about some box office winners and losers, and delve into Facebook's latest search. 

Direct download: MarketFoolery_07.08.2013.mp3
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Noodles & Co’s stock soars after its IPO. A new CEO boosts Zynga. Disney re-ups Bob Iger for another year.  And the Winklevii return with a Bitcoin ETF.  (No, really.)

Direct download: MarketFoolery_07.02.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:13pm EST

Pandora strikes a chord with investors. And researchers create robotic roaches.  Our analysts discuss those stories and preview next week's earnings.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_06.26.2013.mp3
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Barnes & Noble reports a bigger-than-expected fourth-quarter loss.  Home prices record their biggest annual gain in 7 years.  And Walgreens reports anemic growth in its same-store sales.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_06.25.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:05pm EST

Investors react to concerns about China.  The Federal Trade Commission reviews Google's acquistion of Waze.  And Monsters University scares up some big returns at the box office.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_06.24.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:54pm EST

The stock market reacts to the Fed Chief's latest comments.  And Men's Wearhouse decides its founder is no longer a good fit. 

Direct download: MarketFoolery_06.20.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:01pm EST

Our analysts discuss two stocks that are undervalued and two stocks that are overvalued.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_06.19.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 11:47am EST

Shares of Jack-in-the-Box rise on news that the company is closing some of its Qdoba stores. launches a new initiative on Facebook. KitchenAid and SodaStream partner on an at-home carbonation machine.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_06.18.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:39pm EST

DreamWorks Animation signs a big deal with Netflix. What does it mean for investors?

Direct download: MarketFoolery_06.17.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:01pm EST

Pandora buys a radio station.  What does the move mean for the future of the online music company?   Is Apple’s new streaming service a Pandora-killer?   On today’s show, our analysts tackle those questions and discuss the business of extreme weather.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_06.13.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:24pm EST

Our analysts discuss some stocks that are undervalued, some stocks that are overvalued, and two business stories that have been overlooked.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_06.12.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:54pm EST

Lululemon tumbles in the wake of a surprising departure.  Apple unveils a new look.  And Dole produces some sweet returns.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_06.11.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:32pm EST

Google bids for social mapping site Waze. McDonald’s sales rise in May. And Apple unveils its latest.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_06.10.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:04pm EST

SodaStream rumors create big buzz on Wall Street.  Amazon launches a marketplace in India.  And the Container Store considers a big move.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_06.06.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:14pm EST bets on groceries.  Apple loses a legal battle.  And Domino's Pizza sends in the clones.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_06.05.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:15pm EST

Pandora continues to fall on news that Apple is launching a streaming service. makes a big deal. And Zynga announces some big cuts. 

Direct download: MarketFoolery_06.04.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:05pm EST

Is the party over for dividend stocks?  Our analysts tackle that question and delve into Cracker Barrel's big earnings.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_06.03.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:33pm EST

Costco hits an all-time high. Berkshire Hathaway makes a big buy. And Tesla CEO Elon Musk generates some buzz.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_05.30.2013.mp3
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Apple CEO Tim Cook says Google Glasses won't be a big hit.  Michael Kors reports big earnings.   And a beverage giant prepares to go public.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_05.29.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:31pm EST

Tiffany sparkles on better-than-expected earnings.   Yahoo! courts Hulu.   And Fast & Furious 6 does brisk business at the box office.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_05.28.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:17pm EST

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke tells Congress that it's too soon for the Fed to end its stimulus program.  JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jaime Dimon gets a vote of confidence from shareholders.   And ESPN deals with the rising cost of sports programming.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_05.22.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:35pm EST

Home Depot hits a new high on better-than-expected earnings news.  Best Buy slips.  And HHGregg plummets.   Our analysts discuss those stories and debate the future of solar stocks.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_05.21.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:40pm EST

Yahoo buys Tumblr for $1.1B.  Campbell’s Soup reports strong 3rd-quarter earnings.  And JC Penney gets two very different price targets from competing Wall Street analysts.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_05.20.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 12:30pm EST

Wal-Mart slips in the wake of earnings news. Cisco surges.  And Tesla continues to pick up speed.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_05.16.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:40pm EST

Google readies a subscription music service.  Macy's reports a 20% increase in first-quarter profit and raises its dividend by 25%.   And LinkedIn cracks down on the world's oldest profession.


Direct download: MarketFoolery_05.15.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:24pm EST

A hedge fund manager calls for Sony to break up.  Tesla has a wild ride.  And AT&T pulls the plug on the Facebook phone.

Direct download: MarketFoolery_05.14.2013.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 5:24pm EST

A prominent bond fund manager says the bull market is over.   ABC becomes the first broadcast network to stream its shows live online.   Starbucks eyes some new markets. 

Direct download: MarketFoolery_05.13.2013.mp3
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