The manager of the world's biggest bond fund says stock investors should expect smaller returns in the future. BP and Coach report larger-than-expected losses. And Pfizer reports a larger-than-expected gain.

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The New York Times reports that Apple is considering investing in Twitter.   And Comcast spends big bucks on a marketing campaign to better explain Xfinity.

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Our analysts discuss earnings news from ExxonMobil, Sprint Nextel, Whole Foods, and Zynga. 

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Apple reports weaker-than-expected earnings.  Our analysts discuss the real threat to Apple and delve into earnings news from Caterpillar, Ford, Eli Lilly, Panera, and Netflix.


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Our analysts discuss the latest earnings from  AT&T, Altria, Baidu, and Under Armour.

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Market volatility spikes.   Shares of McDonald's slip.  Shares of Hasbro and Peet's Coffee rise. 

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Our analysts discuss IBM's earnings, debate the merits of share buybacks, and share two undervalued stocks and two overvalued stocks.

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Housing starts rise to their highest level in four years.   Intel and Bank of America report earnings.

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Yahoo! hires former Google executive Marissa Mayer as its new CEO.  Coca-Cola, Goldman Sachs, and Mattel report earnings. 

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Gold prices slide.  Mastercard and Visa make a deal with merchants.  Nokia cuts prices. 

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