Hidden Gems advisor Seth Jayson discusses his approach to small-cap investing, why he keeps some stocks on a tight leash while letting others grow to become large caps, and why “brand” can be a powerful asset for some companies.

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Million Dollar Portfolio advisor Ron Gross shares his expertise on building a diversified portfolio, how to manage reallocation, and which industries he considers a “must” for every investor.

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Tim Hanson discusses his approach to investing outside the US, why international exposure is important for investors, and which countries and industries he’s watching right now

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Value investor Ron Gross kicks off “Strategy Week” by sharing advice for how to find value stocks and where he’s looking right now.

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Walmart and Cisco Systems fall on their latest earnings results. Plus we analyze Berkshire Hathaway's latest buys over a delivery of See's Candies. 

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Apple has a new investor in Carl Icahn.  Plus we analyze earnings from Macy’s and Deere, and debate the pros and cons of traveling via hyperloop.

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Bill Ackman quits JC Penney’s board of directors.  Europe’s economy shows signs of life, and Yum Brands’ problems in China continue.

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BlackBerry evaluates “strategic options”, including the sale of the company.  Apple sets a date for its new iPhone.  Plus we dig into the Fool mailbag and revisit the soap opera “As JC Penney Turns”.

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Tesla Motors’ share rise on 2nd-quarter results.  We analyze the latest earnings from Groupon and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and the latest offering from Taco Bell.

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“The Lone Ranger” is going to lose at least $150 million for Disney, but shareholders shouldn’t worry too much. Plus we analyze the latest earnings from Zillow and Freddie Mac, and discuss why it must be awesome to be a Bank of America lawyer.

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