David Kretzmann returns from Sin City to share the highlights from the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show and why no one should hold their breath waiting for self-driving cars. For a preview of our Supernova service, go to

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China roils the stock market again. Is that why shares of beer/wine/spirits company Constellation Brands are hitting an all-time high?  Simon Erickson analyzes the growth of CB’s beer segment, as well as the rise of Bitcoin, Facebook’s potential with Oculus Rift, and Snapchat’s popularity. To check out our new podcast center go to

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North Korea’s test of a hydrogen bomb has us taking a closer look at Lockheed Martin and defense industry stocks.  Chipotle’s same-store sales are even worse than expected, and we discuss when to use different stock screens.

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The team takes a look at the future of eSports, the future of the oil industry, and the investments they’re most excited about for 2016.

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GM invests $500 million in Lyft, while Ford Motor looks to team up with Google on self-driving vehicles. American Express kicks off 2016 by losing another long-time partner. Plus, we preview tomorrow’s headlines as Wall Street sees red.

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