Coach is getting a makeover! Motley Fool Asset Management’s Bill Barker analyzes why Coach’s rebranding to “Tapestry” might make sense for the apparel retailer.  We discuss Delta’s latest quarter, Micron’s secondary offering, and Wal-Mart’s $20 billion stock buyback. Plus, we dip into the Fool Mailbag. (Tangents include castles, the health benefits of coffee and Bill’s upcoming trip to Dubai.)

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Pfizer is considering selling its consumer healthcare business. Would Advil, Chapstick and Centrum vitamins fetch a price tag of $15 billion?  Industry Focus host Kristine Harjes analyzes the opportunity for Pfizer and its shareholders.  We also discuss her recent trip to Greece and it has her thinking about Square.  Plus, Kristine offers an earnings preview of Johnson & Johnson and advice for travelers to Greece.

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A disappointing opening weekend for “Blade Runner 2049” sends movie theater stocks down. Jason Moser analyzes the increasingly tough economics for movie theaters.  Plus, we dig into broadcast TV advertising and wonder how much longer big brands will pay up for a shrinking audience.  Dan Boyd reports back from his trip to NY Comic-Con and highlights the big presence of streaming services and the best costume on display.

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Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings pops after getting added to the S&P 500 Index.  Abi Malin analyzes what investors interested in cruise stocks should be looking for.  Plus, we discuss the potential sale of SeaWorld Entertainment and what GrubHub means to restaurant owners.

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We’re back from South Carolina!  David Kretzmann shares highlights from our investing conference and analyzes Citron Research’s shorting of Shopify.

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Chris Hill sits down with Ben Carter and Malcolm Ethridge, hosts of the “Manage Your Damn Money” podcast to talk about how they met, the #1 financial topic millennials want to hear about, Ben’s early attraction to the topic of money, Malcolm’s upcoming marathon and more.

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Emerging markets are up 25% year-to-date. What’s up with THAT?!? Investor-At-Large Tim Hanson shares why emerging markets still have room to run. Plus, we offer a sneak preview of Tuesday’s episode and discuss the investing book Tim just started reading.
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It’s finally here! The episode that at least 3-4 listeners have asked for.....the non-investing podcast! 
Motley Fool Asset Management’s Bill Barker and Chris Hill are joined by 1st-time guest (and longtime Fool) Roger Friedman to talk about comedy influences, musicians who died too young, the epic “Tiger vs. Shark” battle and more.  Plus, we reveal the winners of our “CEO Buddy Cop movie” contest and wonder if we’ve made a terrible mistake by taping (and publishing) this episode.

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Roku jumps in its public market debut. Andy Cross and David Kretzmann take stock in the streaming device maker and talk millennial trends and trendy stock ideas.

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Nike’s 1st-quarter profits fall 24%.  Bill Barker from Motley Fool Asset Management analyzes Nike’s challenges and the relative attractiveness of a stock close to a 2-year low.  Plus, we discuss Macy’s attempt to increase appeal among its biggest customers.  (Tangents include the existence of NHL fans, celebrity chefs, and details about our upcoming bonus episode.)

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