LionsGate Entertainment rises in advance of the final “Hunger Games” film.  The Gap lowers expectations, while Wayfair sells off.  Plus, Dan Boyd gives a report on the GWAR concert!

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Priceline Group falls on cautious guidance. Hertz falls even further. And packaged food company WhiteWave quietly puts up a strong quarter.  Plus, we’re planning an episode on Millennials & investing and want your suggestions! Email your questions & ideas to

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Facebook hits an all-time high and becomes the 6th-largest public company.  Whole Foods stumbles.  Expedia makes HomeAway an offer it can’t refuse.

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CBS reboots “Star Trek”, but not for broadcast TV.  Zillow sells off despite continued growth.  And Groupon’s dumpster fire continues to rage.  Plus we consider the worst corporate logos.

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Coach puts up better-than-expected results in Q1.  Activist investing is getting personal.  Plus Ron Gross analyzes the holiday retail landscape and offers some thoughts on leveraged ETFs.

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Columnist Morgan Housel examines the possibility of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates at the December meeting and shares what advice he would give Fed Chief Janet Yellen.  Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss how to get kids (and your adult friends) interested in investing.

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