GoPro rises on a strong (and warranted) upgrade. Amazon gears up for Prime Day. Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to analyze how millennials’ consumer habits are different from baby boomers, and how to invest accordingly.

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“Minions” takes in nearly $400 million worldwide, but parent company Comcast’s bigger opportunity lies in its new streaming service.  Marathon Petroleum soars on a $15.6 billion acquisition.  Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to figure out what’s behind Markel’s great run this year.

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In the wake of NYSE’s technical glitches (as well as United Airlines and, analyst Simon Erickson shares what he learned on his recent trip to Silicon Valley to visit FireEye, a cybersecurity company.  We discuss the latest with cloud computing, “fog” computing (yes, it’s a thing) and driverless cars.  Plus we finally break the news about The Motley Fool’s newest podcast, “Rule Breaker Investing” hosted by co-founder David Gardner!

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The Container Store rises on better-than-expected 1st-quarter results. A systems error grounds every flight United Airlines has around the globe. Plus, the analysts share why they’re keeping a close watch on Baidu and Amazon this earnings season.

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2nd-quarter earnings season kicks off this week. Ron Gross & Morgan Housel analyze the earnings landscape, the strength of the U.S. dollar and why the energy industry is in for some pain. Plus, we discuss the impending sweet IPO that’s coming from Hostess Brands.

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Greek voters deliver a resounding “no”. Weight Watchers International gains on activist news. Plus, we analyze the short public life of Xoom, the mobile payment company recently acquired by PayPal.

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Unemployment drops to 5.3%, which gives us a chance to discuss the Big Macro. We also analyze BP’s $18.7 billion settlement over the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Whole Foods Market’s apology for overcharges at its NYC locations, and Independence Day.

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General Mills struggles with a strong dollar. Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to answer listener questions about growth stocks, ethical investing and whether to join shareholder lawsuits. While covering a range of topics, the questions touch on the common theme of “the sleep factor”.

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