Activision Blizzard unveils “Destiny”, its new $500 million game.  Plus we analyze which Apple competitors are nervous and Barnes & Noble’s new 52-week high.

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Campbell’s Soup sinks on low guidance. Twitter rises on a new “Buy Now” feature. Plus we analyze the business of fantasy football and whether we’d buy the NFL if it was a stock.

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Motley Fool Funds analyst Tim Hanson breaks down Yum Brands’ disappointing results in China and shares why investors should consider little banks.

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CVS Caremark kicks the tobacco habit one month early and rebrands as CVS Health.  Plus we analyze Apple’s iCloud problems in the run-up to next week’s unveiling of the iWatch and iPhone 6.

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We analyze Burger King’s purchase of Tim Horton’s, Halliburton’s billion-dollar settlement, and the resurrection of Arthur Andersen.

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Ron Gross analyzes the keys to “deep value” investing, what opportunities he sees in the market right now, and when activist investors matter the most.

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Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:05pm EDT Managing Director Austin Smith analyzes the recent M&A activity, shares his outlook on the stock market and why Zillow is the most interesting company on his radar.

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James Early breaks down the keys to finding good dividend-paying stocks, which companies have the best track records, and why raising a stock’s dividend is not automatically a good thing.

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How do you get your friends and family involved in investing?  Jason Moser offers some advice for how to get those closest to you (including kids) interested in owning stocks.



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We analyze the latest results from Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and SeaWorld Entertainment.  Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag and try to answer the question, “Which company has more powerful robots: Amazon or Disney?”

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