Tesla Motors reports a quarterly profit.  Green Mountain Coffee Roasters perks up on earnings news and a Starbucks partnership.  Groupon delivers a smaller-than-expected loss.  And Barnes & Noble surges. 

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Whole Foods soars on earnings.  Zillow slips in the wake of earnings.  And Yahoo! talks with Hulu.

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Microsoft reworks Windows 8.  Bank of America hits a two-year high.  And Abercrombie & Fitch tries to keep its cool. 

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Shares of Facebook rise on first-quarter earnings.  Visa hits a new high.  And Yahoo! makes a deal.  

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DreamWorks Animation reports a profit thanks to the success of The Croods.  And the CEO of Blackberry makes a bold statement about the future of tablets.  Our analysts discuss those stories and debate whether investors should sell in May and go away.

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