Wendy's gets a frosty reception on Wall Street.  Jack in the Box hits a 52-week high.  And Nokia maps out a deal with Oracle. 

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Temper Pedic buys Sealy.    Our analysts discuss the big deal and respond to listener questions about stock splits, DRIPs, and insider selling.

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Yahoo's new CEO shares her plans for turning the company around.   And Radio Shack's CEO steps down.  Our analysts discuss those stories and share some stocks on their radar.


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Shares of Tesla tumble after the electric carmaker lowers guidance.  Toyota scraps plans for a mass-market electric minicar.  And Caterpillar lowers its forecast. 

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Shares of Facebook tumble in the wake of a critical Barron's article.   And Apple deals with supply chain issues.

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Our analysts discuss two stocks that are undervalued, two stocks that are overvalued, and two stocks that have been overlooked.

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Groupon launches a mobile payment service.   A Spanish retailer bucks the European slowdown and reports big profits.   And General Motors tries to get Uncle Sam to sell its stake in the automaker.

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Energizer gets a boost on Wall Street. And Hewlett-Packard bets on smartphones. 

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Pre-orders for the iPhone 5 top the 2 million mark.   Tesla shares rev up after a Morgan Stanley upgrade.  And an activist investor says that Office Depot is deeply undervalued. 

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Will eBay spin off PayPal?  What's the best way to invest in PayPal?  What's the future of natural gas trucking?  Our analysts tackle those questions.

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