Does Apple's Macbook have room to run?  How much bigger can Siri get?  Will Apple's Maps take a bite out of Google?

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Is there a bond bubble?  Will the health benefits of coffee boost the bottom line for coffee stocks?  Are hybrid cars losing some of their appeal?  Our analysts tackle those questions.

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Casino magnate Steve Wynn says that his Wynn Macau Casino will cost $4 billion.   And Diageo announces it's ramping up its Scotch whiskey production.   Our analysts discuss those stories and delve into the business of Facebook's membership.

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Starbucks buys a bakery.   Google buys a social network.   And Amazon buys a book publisher.

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Bank of America is accussed of hiding bad news from shareholders.  Chesapeake Energy replaces four directors. General Motors deals with its pension payments. And Facebook considers a new market.


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