We made it to Austin! Analyst Simon Erickson kicks off SXSW Week with some thoughts on smart home innovation, the sharing economy, industry disruption and more.  Plus, we offer a few things to do the next time you're visiting Austin and share a little something from The Accidentals.  

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Camping World Holdings, Signet Jewelers and Party City deliver 4th-quarter reports.  Motley Fool Funds analyst Bill Barker digs into the results, as well as the overwhelming reaction from listeners to our discussion of Wawa and Casey’s General Stores.  Plus, we share details on our SXSW schedule and our listener meet-up in Austin.

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Are stock buybacks a bullish indicator? When should investors sell their winners?  Should Starbucks steal a page from Uber and adopt surge pricing?  Analysts Matt Argersinger and Ron Gross tackle those questions and discuss the future of Trip Advisor.

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Dick’s Sporting Goods and Casey’s General Stores watch their stocks fall in the wake of earnings.  Motley Fool Funds analyst Bill Barker discusses the latest results from RV-maker Thor Industries, and hhgregg’s filing Chapter 11.  Plus, we discuss the relative appeal of Wawa.

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Concert Pharmaceuticals’ stock rises 80% on a deal with Vertex. Jason Moser analyzes the pharmaceutical landscape and weighs in on The New York Times’ new Twitter strategy.  Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag and share memories of the late Paul Kangas.

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Snap goes public and immediately becomes three times the size of Twitter. Aaron Bush and David Kretzmann analyze the enthusiasm around Snap’s IPO, as well as the latest earnings from Shake Shack and Monster Beverage.

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Lowe’s rises on earnings. Best Buy falls. Analysts Matt Argersinger and David Kretzmann discuss Amazon-proof retailers and weigh in on the Trump rally, Etsy, and YouTube TV.

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4th quarter results for Target and Domino’s Pizza could hardly have been more different. Ron Gross analyzes both companies, as well as Snap’s curious offer for potential investors. Plus, we offer some free advice for whoever is in charge of corporate culture at Signet Jewelers.  For a free test-drive of our brand new service, Motley Fool Total Income, just go to

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Shutterstock drops on a solid-yet-unspectacular quarter. Goldman Sachs downgrades Tesla as Jason Moser analyzes the company’s short-term expectations and long-term aspirations.  Plus we discuss the business implications of the Academy Awards and highlights from the Motley Fool One event in Arizona.

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As the cost of solar energy plummets, adoption rises.  Analyst Matt Argersinger shares why he is so bullish on solar and where opportunities like for investors.  Plus we discuss Sprouts Farmers Market and the lure of Cactus League baseball.

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