Nokia launches its first smartphone for China.  McCormick reports zesty earnings.  And the Los Angeles Dodgers set a new record.


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Home prices hit a 10-year low.  Natural gas prices hit a 10-year low.  And for-profit education company Apollo Group turns in disappointing earnings.  

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The Hunger Games has a huge opening weekend at the box office.  Our analysts talk about what it means for investors and delve into some of the day's other business stories.

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McDonald's CEO steps down.  Fedex delivers earnings.  And Kraft picks a new name for its snack business.

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 Oracle reports better-than-expected earnings.  General Mills disappoints.  And soft drink makers lose some fizz. 

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Our analysts discuss two stocks that are undervalued, two stocks that are overvalued, and two financial stories that have been overlooked.

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Apple announces that it will issue a dividend and buy back shares.   And UPS makes a big buy.

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Cisco makes a big move into video.  Google tries to replace the ring tone.  And PayPal cracks down on March Madness betting.

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The Fed releases results of stress tests on the largest U.S. banks.   Our analysts talk about what it means for investors and share a few stress test-worthy stock ideas.  

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Who will win the battle for your television?  What does the latest news on fracking mean for natural gas stocks?  Will investors get burned by Amazon’s Kindle Fire?

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