Hasbro’s 4th-quarter profits get a boost from some princesses.  Analyst Jason Moser discusses the economics of Super Bowl ads and how much longer Bob Iger will remain as Disney’s CEO.  Plus, we take a look at Snap’s IPO filing and decide to sit this one out. Thanks to Thumbtack for supporting The Motley Fool.  Hire local, skilled pros for just about anything at today.

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Facebook’s mobile ad revenue continues to dominate. Analyst Simon Erickson shares why he believes Facebook’s increased spending in 2017 is a good thing for long-term shareholders.  Plus we discuss the latest with The New York Times, InvenSense, updated information on the “bacon shortage” and the looming groundhog civil war in Pennsylvania.

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Apple’s record quarter was noteworthy for iPhones sold, as well as strong growth in the Services segment.  Motley Fool Funds analyst Bill Barker discusses what Apple should do with its ever-increasing pile of cash, as well as the latest earnings from Electronic Arts and Align Technology.  Plus, we try not to panic over America’s bacon shortage and spend more time than we should talking about Groundhog Day.

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Shares of Under Armour plummet on slowing sales. Analysts Matt Argersinger and Andy Cross discuss what it means for investors and delve into earnings from Coach and MasterCard.

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Fitbit lowers guidance and announces layoffs. Analysts Jason Moser and Taylor Muckerman discuss Fitbit’s options, including which type of business might make the best acquisition. Plus, Rite Aid’s buyout offer from Walgreens just got lower. We try to make sense of Cummins’ valuation and share the company’s awesome origin story.

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Comcast, Sherwin-Williams and Royal Caribbean all deliver big 4th-quarter earnings reports. Motley Fool Funds analyst Bill Barker returns from Down Under to discuss his trip and the latest culinary innovation from Taco Bell.

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The Dow hits 20,000. Analysts David Kretzmann and Jason Moser discuss what it means for investors. Plus, we delve into McCormick earnings, discuss some big IPOs, and debate McDonald’s secret sauce.

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Alibaba’s 3rd-quarter revenue rises 54%. Analyst Matt Argersinger admires the e-commerce giant’s dominance but doesn’t love the valuation. Plus, we discuss Verizon’s latest quarter, whether a potential buyout is a reason to buy a stock, and Matt’s connection to the Oscar-nominated film “Manchester By The Sea.”

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Halliburton’s 4th-quarter report caps off an incredible year with shares rising 80%. Analysts Taylor Muckerman and Jason Moser discuss the potential for greater gains outside North America, McDonald’s 4th-quarter results, and whether Samsung is benefitting from its stock not being available in the U.S.

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Netflix hits a new all-time high after reporting better-than-expected earnings. Twitter sells it mobile development platform to Google. Analysts Jason Moser and Ron Gross explain what it all means for investors.

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