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Shares of AMC Entertainment rise on a new deal to open theaters in Saudi Arabia. Motley Fool Asset Management’s Bill Barker analyzes the global box office landscape. Plus, we discuss JM Smucker’s deal to buy Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, the coffee industry’s fight in California, and more.  (Tangents include the Pillsbury Doughboy, the health benefits of coffee, and the curious case of Larry Williams.)

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Investors react to a potential trade war. President Trump continues his war against Amazon. And Dave & Buster’s fail to amuse Wall Street. Motley Fool analysts David Kretzmann and Jason Moser discuss those stories and weigh in on Warren Buffett’s next big buy. 

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Why did Spotify go the DPO route? Ron Gross explains their rationale and the downside of DPOs (direct public offering). Plus, we dip into the Fool Mailbag, give a thumbs-up to General Motors’ plan to ditch monthly sales numbers, and discuss our respective spring break trips.

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Tesla shares fall 20% in the past week on a combination of bad news. While some of it is short-term in nature, Jason Moser and Taylor Muckerman discuss why looming debt should give investors pause. Plus, we discuss Under Armour’s data breach and Tim Cook throwing shade at Facebook and Amazon.

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When is a burger more than just a meal?  Chris Hill reflects on the benefits of taking a break and his recent trip to Austin, Texas meeting with listeners.  Plus, he shares what he learned from a serendipitous encounter with the man behind Excaliburger.  Thanks to LegalZoom for supporting The Motley Fool.  Get special savings by going to and use the promo code “Fool” at checkout.

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Now that interest rates are rising and bonds are more attractive, are dividend stocks on their way out?  Ron Gross analyzes the state of dividend stocks and share what investors should look for when they want to add some income to their portfolio.  Plus, Ron discusses his approach to portfolio management. 

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Forget that stuff in the back of your closet, let’s talk about spring cleaning your portfolio! Investor-At-Large Tim Hanson discusses his own approach to portfolio maintenance and why he’s interested in Square.  We also discuss the rebalancing of the Fool 100 Index and why Red Hat and Discover Financial Services are in the mix.  Plus, we talk our plans for spring break and Tim shares the origins of his “Standing in line with locals” approach to travel. For more information on the Fool 100 index just go to

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologizes for the massive data breach. And shares of Guess jump after the fashion retailer reports strong earnings. Ron Gross and David Kretzmann weigh in on those stories and share some questionable fashionable decisions. Thanks to Harry’s for supporting Motley Fool. Get your Free Trial Set – go to

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Another day and still no word from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the company’s data debacle.  Investor-At-Large Tim Hanson analyzes the challenges facing the social network.  Plus, we discuss the vote Tesla shareholders are having on Elon Musk’s compensation package as well as the Nordstrom family backing away from taking the company private. 

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Oracle shares fall despite strong 3rd-quarter profits. Motley Fool Asset Management’s Bill Barker analyzes Oracle’s struggle to diversify its revenue streams. Plus, we discuss Uber suspending its autonomous driving testing, and last week’s listener meet-up in Austin, Texas.  (Tangents include focus groups, a weekly magazine called “Newsweek”, and the relative appeal of lip balm.)

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