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Best Buy hits an 11-year high, Williams-Sonoma raises guidance and Guess? sells a few more pairs of jeans.  Ron Gross analyzes those companies and more. Plus, we kick off Memorial Day weekend with some grilling tips to improve your next backyard bbq.

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Is oil the past? Is sparkling water the future? Are autonomous vehicles about to accelerate? Motley Fool analysts Matt Argersinger and David Kretzmann discuss one investing idea they're bullish on, one they're bearish on, and one they're warming up to. Thanks to Harry’s for supporting The Motley Fool. Get your Free Trial Set – go to

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Toll Brothers hits a 52-week high while AutoZone tanks. Fool Funds analyst Bill Barker breaks down the latest quarters from those two company. Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag and pay tribute to the late Sir Roger Moore.

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Mark Fields is out as CEO at Ford Motor just three years after being unanimously praised as Alan Mulally’s successor.  Taylor Muckerman analyzes the potential thinking behind the decision and where Ford needs to go next with autonomous driving.  Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to consider the next e-commerce player Wal-Mart could buy.


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Investors react to the latest political uncertainty. Wal-Mart reports surprising earnings. SiriusXM considers a Pandora purchase. And a new burger king gets crowned. Thanks to Slack for supporting The Motley Fool. Learn more at

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Target’s 1st-quarter profits get them through a “very choppy” retail environment.  Red Robin Gourmet Burgers’ stock pops 17% on a strong 1st-quarter report. David Kretzmann analyzes those companies, plus Jack In The Box’s decision to spin off Qdoba.  Plus, we discuss why delivery is so important for the future success of restaurant companies and spend a minute on last night’s NBA draft lottery.

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Home Depot hits an all-time high on another fantastic quarter. Motley Fool Funds analyst Bill Barker shares why, despite a rising stock price, shares of Home Depot are still reasonably priced. Ford Motor is reportedly laying off 10% of its workforce, but the coming disruption in the automotive industry will potentially dwarf this news. Plus, we discuss Tronc’s latest move and rumors of a major rift inside Mondolez.


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Cybersecurity stocks rise after malware attacks affected businesses around the globe over the weekend.  Jason Moser and Taylor Muckerman dip into the Fool Mailbag to analyze the state of 3D printing and what millennials buying homes means for investors.  Plus, we have a few ideas for the next Oreo flavor.

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Macy’s and Kohl’s had rough 1st quarters. Fool Funds analyst Bill Barker surveys the damage.  Whole Foods Market shakes up its board with five new directors and a new chair. Plus, Snap’s first quarterly report wasn’t helped by Snap’s first quarterly conference call. 

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Is Tesla the next Apple? Will United Continental will fly higher? And will Howard Hughes enrich investors? Analyst Matt Argersinger shares some of his top takeaways from the Sohn Investing Conference.

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