After hundreds of Motley Fool members gathered in San Diego for an investing conference, Morgan Housel and Chris Hill share their takeaways.

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Hasbro’s holiday sales impress Wall Street.  Leapfrog and Apollo Education Group ride off into the sunset. Plus we analyze which Super Bowl ads might move the needle for businesses and their brands.

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The guys take a look at earnings from blue chip companies Phillip Morris and Royal Dutch Shell, as well as GoPro and Dunkin Brands. Plus, does the outcome of the Superbowl influence the stock market? History says it absolutely does.

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Chipotle, Yahoo and National Oilwell Varco all announced sub-par earnings, while GM provides a ray of hope. Plus Amazon is entering the brick and mortar bookstore market…wait, what?

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Alphabet replaces Apple as the biggest company in the public markets. ExxonMobil’s Q4 profit falls 58%. Royal Caribbean battles lower expectations while Barbie sales fuel Mattel’s rise. Plus we celebrate the 1993 classic film “Groundhog Day”.

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McCormick serves up spicy earnings. Questar pops after being bought by Dominion Resources. Sherwin-Williams paints investors a nice picture of year-end earnings.  Plus, with Alphabet about to report earnings will the tech giant overtake Apple as the public biggest company?  We analyze the field and pick a dark horse to become the world’s 1st trillion-dollar company.

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Facebook’s 4th-quarter profit has nine zeros.  Under Armour soars on strong 2016 guidance. PayPal gets up off the mat, while eBay struggles.

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Apple falls on weak guidance. Boeing drops 10% for even weaker guidance. Plus we discuss the case for owning AT&T, America reaching “peak vodka”, and listener suggestions for a Fool podcast drinking game.

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3M and Johnson & Johnson push the Dow higher. Coach posts rising sales for the first time in in 2 ½ years. Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss whether Canadian bank stocks are a value play or a value trap.

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McDonald’s all-day breakfast results in strong 4th-quarter sales. Tyco and Johnson Controls merge. And with four executives leaving Twitter, CEO Jack Dorsey is running out of time to turn the company (and the stock) around.

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