Lumber Liquidators’ stock implodes after a negative profile on “60 Minutes”.  Is there more bad news ahead or is this a time to buy?  Ron Gross analyzes LL’s situation, Warren Buffett’s latest letter to shareholders, and using valuation as a way to help invest better.

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Healthcare analyst and “Industry Focus” host Michael Douglass discusses the broad range of healthcare industry stocks, from mainstream consumer companies like Johnson & Johnson and CVS Health, to biotechs like Gilead Sciences.

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Shares of L Brands, the parent company of Victoria’s Secret, have been on an incredible 5-year run.  But is the stock a little too hot for Wall Street?  Motley Fool Funds analyst Bill Barker discusses that story, plus a big deal in the coffee industry and listener questions & comments from the Fool Mailbag.

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How much should U.S. investors worry about Europe’s economy?  Motley Fool Funds analyst Tim Hanson analyzes the latest from the EU.  Plus, we discuss Boston Beer Company’s falling stock and why the business of beer is getting more complicated.

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Home Depot hits an all-time high.  First Solar spikes on news of a partnership with SunPower Corp.  Plus we analyze Chegg’s latest quarter and share the college classes we got the least out of.

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P&G sheds 100 brands. Is bigger no longer better?  Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag and discuss why the Academy Awards is better for investors than it is for movie fans.

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On today’s show the guys continue to discuss Wal-Mart, take a look at earnings from Priceline and SolarCity, and discuss the future of one of the greatest hip hop artists of all time.

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On today's show the guys try to get in the head of Warren Buffett, wonder why Angie's List is still in business, and reveal the worst retailer in America. 

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How much does the snow impact a business?  Well, it depends on the business. In a snow-themed episode, Chris Hill dips into the Fool Mailbag and shares a lesson he learned about reading the news with a business filter in mind.

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Tesla Motors falls on bad 4th quarter results, but CEO Elon Musk believes the company can reach Apple-level heights.  Plus we analyze Baidu’s latest results, and the end of American Express’ exclusive relationship with Costco.

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