On today’s show the guys talk about Amazon’s newly announced deal with HBO and what it means for the site. Plus they talk earnings from Intuitive Surgical, Yum! Brands, and more.

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Netflix rises on strong 1st quarter numbers and a well-executed price increase.  Valeant Pharmaceuticals makes a $45 billion bid for Allergan.  Plus, we analyze the latest results from McDonald’s and the new “Pay To Quit” program at Amazon.

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Hasbro shares rise on 1st-quarter profits.  LinkedIn tops the 300 million member mark.  And we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss the prospects for Airbnb’s potential IPO.

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When a company has legal problems, what does it mean for investors?  What does Yelp’s case before the Virginia State Supreme Court mean for Google and TripAdvisor?  And what does Adam Carolla’s legal battle mean for the future of the MarketFoolery podcast?  We tackle those questions and the exciting world of space law with Assistant General Counsel Chris Harris.

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We analyze the world of digital media, including Pandora, iTunes Radio, Spotify with Audiam CEO Jeff Price.  Plus, Jeff discusses how Netflix, Amazon, and many more are fighting in the “Battle for the Living Room”.

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We discuss the energy industry landscape, including Big Oil, natural gas, solar stocks and more with analyst Taylor Muckerman.  Plus we look at Chesapeake Energy one year after Aubrey McClendon left the CEO office.



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We kick off Industry Week by digging into the world of banking and financial services with “Where The Money Is” co-host David Hanson.

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eBay settles its fight with Carl Icahn, but Sotheby’s fight rages on.  Plus we analyze the latest from Bed Bath & Beyond and Pier 1 Imports, and dip into the Fool Mailbag.

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In the wake of GM’s visit to Capitol Hill, Toyota issues a massive recall.  Microsoft discontinues support of Windows XP.  Intuitive Surgical drops on a revenue warning.  And Google moves in on and Expedia’s territory with by licensing hotel booking software.

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We preview earnings season and share what we want to see from Twitter, Chipotle, Disney and more.  Plus we celebrate Free Cone Day with our favorite flavors.

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