Lumber Liquidators suddenly needs a new CEO. What does turnaround look like for the troubled retailer?  Will falling rooftop solar prices hurt SolarCity’s business?  We analyze those stories, dip into the Fool Mailbag, and discuss the relative value of spending millions of dollars to brand a sports stadium.

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Chris Hill reflects on the longevity of David Letterman’s career, as well as his role in changing the landscape of late-night TV forever.  Plus, in the wake of Orson Welles’ 100th birthday, Chris draws a parallel between Welles’ struggle to make “Citizen Kane” and the growing battle between traditional broadcasters and live-streaming video apps like Periscope.

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On today’s show the gang talks about Baidu’s bright future, Urban Outfitter’s next move, Etsy’s first quarter as a publicly traded company, and what the next Oreo flavor should be called.


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Ascena Retail buys Ann Taylor for $2.1 billion.  Wal-Mart takes a page from Amazon’s playbook.  And Google ramps up its e-commerce game.

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Motley Fool Funds portfolio manager Bill Mann explains why rising auto sales in Greece could spell trouble.  Plus, he analyzes the latest news from emerging markets and Shake Shack’s surprising quarterly profit.  

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American Express returns some money to shareholders. Zillow delivers Q1 results. And Vertex Pharmaceuticals gets a sign of encouragement from the FDA.  Plus we share 3 stocks we’d be willing to hold forever.

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Why is Verizon buying AOL for $4.4 billion in cash?  Which state’s governor just gave the green light to Tesla Motors?  And when does a growth stock’s valuation become so high it causes nosebleeds?

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Category:podcast -- posted at: 7:32 PM is growing, but Wall Street seems unimpressed. Noble Energy buys Rosetta Resources for $3.7 billion, but only one stock rises on the news.  Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss REIT investing and how quickly driverless semi-trucks will destroy us all.

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 What does the UK election mean for investors?  Mark Rogers joins us from London to lend his perspective.  With the Footsie at an all-time high we discuss what the UK investing landscape looks like and which companies investors should put on their watch lists.  Plus, Mark analyzes the often-unusual world of small cap stocks and why naming a celebrity to a company’s board of directors just might be a red flag. Looking to invest in UK companies? Check out our Fool UK site at

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Matt Koppenheffer returns from Berlin and to discuss the innovation driving the technology industry in Germany.  He also analyzes what separates German banks from U.S. banks, why Warren Buffett is focused on buying a company in Germany in the next 5 years, and why one of the best things about living in Berlin is the bread.  To read more about the investing scene in Germany, check out our free site at

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