As the cost of solar energy plummets, adoption rises.  Analyst Matt Argersinger shares why he is so bullish on solar and where opportunities like for investors.  Plus we discuss Sprouts Farmers Market and the lure of Cactus League baseball.

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Shares of Papa John’s and Texas Roadhouse slip on earnings. And Red Robin flies higher. Analysts Jason Moser and David Kretzmann dig into the latest restaurant earnings, delve into some surprising news from Dish, and discuss the battle for the living room. To check out our brand new service, Motley Fool Total Income, just go to

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Wal-Mart’s 4th-quarter revenue coming in light is offset by strong e-commerce sales. Or is it? Motley Fool Funds analyst Bill Barker discusses Wal-Mart’s latest results, Home Depot’s new all-time high, and Restaurant Brands buying Popeye’s.  Plus, we recoil in horror at Peeps Oreos and offer unsolicited advice to Mondelez’s future management.

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Verizon cuts $250 million off its offer to buy Yahoo.  Industry Focus host Dylan Lewis analyzes the latest earnings from Cisco Systems and the latest valuation of Snap. Thanks to Audible for supporting our podcast.  Get a free audiobook with a free 30 day trial at  

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Berkshire Hathaway loads up on shares of Apple. SodaStream sparkles on earnings. And Fossil falls. Analysts David Kretzmann and Jason Moser discuss those stories and delve into Shopify earnings.

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Discovery Communications’ 4th-quarter profits came in higher than expected, but cable subscribers in the U.S. fell.  Analyst Simon Erickson shares why Discovery’s global footprint (and the 2018 Winter Olympics) should give investors optimism.  We also discuss how Bitcoin’s value has quadrupled over the past year as the SEC considers approval of a first-ever Bitcoin ETF.  Plus, shares of Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen spike on potential buyout reports and we’re heading back to Austin, Texas for SXSW 2017!

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The S&P 500 hits $20 trillion in market cap.  Analysts Jason Moser and Taylor Muckerman discuss the SEC’s investigation of Hain Celestial’s accounting and the latest results from Restaurant Brands (parent company of Burger King and Tim Horton’s).  Plus, Netflix is FINALLY getting into the business of merchandising.

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Shares of Twitter plummet on disappointing earnings. Analysts Jason Moser and Matt Argersinger talk Twitter and delve into earnings from Whole Foods, Proto Labs, and Markel.

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Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger is leaving in mid-2018.  How strong a successor does he need?  Investor-at-large Tim Hanson analyzes the state of the Magic Kingdom, as well as the latest earnings from Zillow and Panera Bread.  Plus we delve further into Snap’s upcoming IPO and discuss underrated soups!  Thanks to Thumbtack for supporting The Motley Fool.  Hire local, skilled pros for just about anything at today.

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General Motors had a strong 4th-quarter by almost any measure. Unfortunately investors looked at EVERY measure and decided to sell off the stock.  Motley Fool Funds analyst Bill Barker discusses GM, Michael Kors’ latest quarter and the steadily-outperforming Church & Dwight.  Thanks to Audible for supporting our podcast.  Get a free audiobook with a free 30 day trial at  

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